Some Of The Best PlentyOfFish Advertising Tips Of All Time

I really got to hand it to Ben at POF, the guy work’s very hard, is very active and most importantly, participates in our private community. He works his tail off on the blogging and advertising side of POF to ensure its success and growth. High-five Ben!

So it’s with my great honor, I spent a shit-load of time putting together this list of great pointers Ben and the team at POF have been compiling over the last couple of years on their blog. You see, I still have my reserved thoughts on PlentyOfFish advertising. I’ve had ups and downs but scaling has always been a problem but getting started has never been. Ben has spent quite a bit of time, energy and resources to make it as easy on any advertiser as he can. I would also like to thank everyone else at POF. It’s because of POF that the affiliate marketing and advertising learning curve is a bit easier these days. To say they are lenient isn’t the right words. To say they are indeed the place to start marketing and advertising online because of their ease of setup, broad targeting abilities and of course their large userbase, well…that’s a lot better ehh!

Here’s some of the best tips I’ve collected from Ben, Shannon and the POF Blog. I typically, clip these and save them in Evernote :)

Coming from the source, this is some of the best in-house advertising tips I’ve ever gotten. I will tell you that the POF blog, only posts when there is something important to say to it’s advertisers. Thanks to Ben, Shannon and rest of the team over there for inspiring to get off my lazy ass and put this together in one post!



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    Awesome post and Awesome peep. I have know Ben for years in the online game. If more people in the advertising world were of his caliber. People would pay to be in it and not just for the traffic. Thanks for the "1 page resource" Ruck


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