Why Your Business Should Advertise On Facebook

So many places to advertise. Is Facebook one of your top traffic sources? Sure hope so. Recently, Facebook celebrated the almost unimaginable milestone of surpassing 1 billion users, of which 58% return daily. Literally, 1/7th of the world’s population is on this website. Nice work Zuck.

Let’s go over some reasons why your business should advertise on Facebook aside from the sheer numbers of users that can potentially see your ad.

At IMGrind we have made it very clear that we are bullish with respect to mobile marketing. Facebook has seen a staggering 61% year over years growth in mobile users. That translates to nearly 600 million monthly active users.

Knowing this you may be interested in this next bit of information – Facebook mobile ads have a CTR that is 14 X HIGHER than desktop ads. Shocked? Frankly, you shouldn’t be. Desktops are in decline in the USA and even more so internationally where some people are only able to access the web via a phone. Next time you are at your local pub, or in the checkout lane at Target, take a look at all the smartphone users. Many will be on Facebook. It’s just the way of the world. Are you in front of these people? You should be.

Another great reason to get involved with Facebook ads is the different types of ads that you can run which ultimately serve different purposes. Before deciding you need to determine if you are building an audience or trying to drive engagement. When you are trying to leverage the power of Facebook’s huge audience and build your own loyal following you may want to select regular facebook ads or even sponsored stories.

Facebook Ads can help new businesses, start-ups, and businesses new to social media build their image and gain more likes. In an online world where social signals are an important part of organic rankings and will continue to be, the benefit here is doubled up.

Sponsored Stories is another ad offering from Facebook that helps people discover more about your business via their friends. As your friends like a business, that like could be broadcasted in your feed. This exposes you (the sponsored story demo target) to a new business.

These are but two offerings that are available. Also available are Facebook ads from page posts and even sponsored stories from page posts. These ad types are great for user engagement, like promoting contests or products!

Seeing how Facebook continues to grow and expand, and with its high concentration of mobile users, I am certain that we will see some new offerings for advertising in the near future. With the new social graph search, I would expect to see ads in that section very soon.

Check out this infographic below covering ad types at Facebook and if you aren’t rocking some ads there, now is the time.



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