Why I'll Never Run Out Of Stuff To Blog

At Grindcon a couple of attendees came up to me and thanked us for keeping such an updated and news-worthy blog here at IMGrind.com.  While we have our Private Community where we host our coaching and training we also want to have a resource that keeps the entire industry updated on the latest happenings and things that could have an effect on online businesses.

My first “dot com” domain was ProWebResources.com (short for professional website resources).  Early on, I wanted to offer those interested in garnering a web presence, resources, tips, and strategies on how to do so.  As weird as this may sound this is truly my passion.

In the late nineties I chatted a lot on ICQ with the guy behind a website called WWWResources.com.  He had gained popularity after figuring out how to remotely host Matt Wright’s CGI scripts and offer them to users for free.  This saved them the trouble of having to install them on their own server and enabled them to implement them on their web pages by simply copying and pasting a couple lines of code.  His current company, Invision Power, offers a suite of products for webmaster’s including the popular IP bulletin board script (used by thousands, including multiple professional sports teams).  Guys like us have allowed many to leverage their websites into full fledged businesses.

Many of the bloggers in the performance marketing space are what I consider “one hit wonders.”  Sure, they’ve made some money online, but mostly by having a handful of successful campaigns which was especially easy to do a couple years ago when ringtones and continuity offers became popular amongst cost per acquisition networks.  As this business model proves to be unsuccessful, many CPA networks have gone out of business or quit paying publishers, many find themselves searching for ways to create consistent, long term businesses that actually retain assets and can grow for years to come.

I was telling Ruck the other day that whenever I promote a campaign through an affiliate network that pays out on an acquisition (rather that be a lead, trial, or sale) I consider that a “bonus” to my current businesses.  I would never have that setup as my sole stream of income.  Not only is that risky, it’s just plain dumb to build other companies with traffic I pay for.  CPA offers should be looked at as “a way to monetize” your website rather than “the way to monetize” your website.  It really annoys me when people email in or ask on the live chat and ask me 1) how much money do they need to get started and 2) what traffic source do we teach.  WTF folks – I got started with about a hundred dollars or so in the 90s (domains were $70 for two years) but now with all the resources out there, it’s even cheaper.  A traffic source is just that – a source of traffic.  You should be driving traffic to your websites using multiple streams – not just one.

All of this said, I’ll never run out of stuff to blog.  Everyday Ruck and I continue to adapt, develop, and progress.  We’re currently working on a website where we obviously control the entire front/back-end of the billing process and can have multiple streams of traffic promoting it.  As I’ve said before, it has the potential to garner $XX,XXX,XXX a year in revenue rather quickly.  Visitors stem from traffic we pay for and they pay us for a QUALITY service.  It’s not a sneaky or deceptive website that relies on negative continuity programs.  It will retain assets and has the potential to bring on investors or eventually sell for a nice lump sum.

IMGrind.com strives to be the “go to” resource regarding all things making money online.  Our private community focuses on teaching members how to leverage new and upcoming traffic channels such as mobile and social media to retain assets and sustain long term businesses.  We’re not going to teach you how to just send traffic to a handful of offers with one or two sources of traffic.  We’re going to show you how to be around for months and years to come all while maintaining a high level of integrity and retaining actual assets.

This blog post may piss some people off but no one can argue the facts behind actually creating a business for long term.  While it make take a bit more time and effort to create long term web properties it only makes sense for those that want to be around once all the scammy advertisers and networks dissolve (due to new federal regulations and poor business decisions).  When you’re creating your next online venture ask yourself if the business your creating has the ability to be around for years to come and actually offers value to visitors.  Don’t be the guy that makes a million one year and is out looking for a job the next.  Far too often have we seen it happen and individuals severely regret their decision to making the “quick buck.”


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