Why I Think Google Is Starting To Suck

There has been a ton of industry buzz recently about Google’s latest Panda update and how it’s doing some crazy things such as ranking completely crap websites way ahead of unique, updated, web properties (some call it being penalized for being over-optimized).  From experts analyzing every single link on a website to people blogging how to re-gain the lost SERPs – a lot has happened over the last week.  Even my brother’s pro wrestling website has noticed the decrease in rankings as crappy copy/paste competitors are starting to out rank him – WTF?!

The big G is currently trading just over $600 a share and I honestly think we should take a good look because I feel like they’re reaching their high and they’re eventually going to be in for a very rude (social) awakening.  You see, I feel like Google is “old technology.”  If I’m looking for something and go to Google to find it, I’m presented with a long boring list of default Internet blue links with page after page of search results from webmasters I have no clue who they are.  Even with their recent “enhancements” I still find a lot of old, out dated content ranking high, making a lot of the material irrelevant.

If we would have started IMGrind.com five years ago I would have done a large SEO analysis and would have spent ample time ensuring each and every page is optimized for the best SERPs.  We’re not doing that though.  Why not?  It’s simple – Facebook is much “cooler.”  Ruck and I feel by socializing the site and letting others share and read our content, it’s likely that their friends will also be interested in the same material and grow our site like wildfire.

In just a couple of days IMGrind.com will be 10 months old.  The other day I ran a report from Google analytics and you want to guess the top referrers?  In this exact order:

1) Facebook (crushed everyone)

2) LinkedIn (some people will never understand the goodness over there)

3) Twitter (yes, it still sends traffic)

4) Google

Now, Facebook allows sites like IMGrind to integrate with our own Timeline Application.  When users connect, they’re able to seamlessly share content they read with their friends.  This completely eliminates the need to going back to that boring old search box (that hasn’t changed since 1998) and typing in “Internet Marketing tips” to only find some cloaked, flogged, news-rip off site to a rebill offer.  Instead you can see that John Doe read this article on why I think Google sucks and you it’s possible you decided to read it to find out why.

As Facebook continues to leverage Open Graph and more sites begin developing around it, the guys at Google should be worried and it’ll be interesting to see how they adapt, develop, and progress to remain a big player.  Google still generates a lot of advertising revenue and I don’t see them going out anytime soon, but I do feel like, social is where everything is heading and in particular, developing off Facebook’s platform.


  1. says

    All in all, my total traffic levels haven't changed. But this update is still a disaster for me, because instead of sending people to highly relevant and optimized pages, Google is taking them to things that are just tangents to the actual search phrase. So what happens? Bounce rate is through the roof and conversions are gone. Surfers don't get the information they were looking for, and Google is ignoring all criticism.
    My recent post Google pushes another search update

  2. DAVID says

    I have had the same problem as many others. Crappy websites are ranked higher than mine. I am a new site less than 6 months old and was performing good on Google, until this last fiasco. I think Google is full of a lot of crap when they say: content, content, content! Do they really know what they are doing of they just have a name an good PR? This is why competition is a good thing. Yahoo, MSN etc just do not cut it. I hate being dependent on one search engine. Ahhh, the old days were better


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