When Should I Use a Landing Page?

One of the most common questions Ryan and I get are “When Should I Use A Landing Page.”  I”ll be straight up when I say first off…on every single campaign. However, everyone is different. Time, money, resources. All of these play important roles in how much you can dedicate to your online marketing. The thing you need to know about direct linking vs. landing pages is that when you direct link, your ad that is driving users to your offer has to be written at angle that makes people take action right then and there. You have to basically develop their mindset to take action within your ad over to the offer. You will have to develop “hooks” with “bait” really well to be successful at direct linking. But it can be done.

When using a landing page, you’ve developed your “hooks” well enough to get people over to your landing page so now you will need to be very persuasive but you have all the web in the world at your fingertips when users start end up clicking-thru from your landing page to your offer and converting. Landing pages are simple, people tend to over-complicate the idea of creating web pages. I’ll tell you right now that once you develop your fundamentals in creating landing pages you’ll realize how dumb it is to send them to non-campaign specific pages, (such as your homepage).

Also, we run on a lot of traffic sources such as Lead Impact, Traffic Vance, POF, a dozen+ mobile ad networks and the biggies Google and Bing. Having this many traffic sources, it’s just simpler for us to create landing pages for each source. If you’re running volume then you know how frustrating things can get when shit is un-organized.

Hope it helps!


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