When Everything Fails… Give Up! (Why Some People Don't Succeed)

Ruck and I have been coaching, training, and mentoring “super affiliates” for the last six years and we’ve seen a lot of things.  Some of these “super affiliates” were beginners when they started but ended up making very lucruative careers from the material we taught.  Currently I know of one affiliate I’ve mentored over the last year that’s made right around $1,000,000 profit.  This person “got it” and ran with the material I taught and thought for himself to become successful.  He never accepted failure and refused to give up.  His reward: hundreds of thousands of dollars in his bank account.

One of the most frustrating things when mentoring affiliates is that some will simply never enter the right mindset it takes to become successful.  They’ll provide every excuse you can think of RATHER than providing a solution to the problem.  Inside our Private Community I’m not one bit scared to give away a “winning campaign.”  I know that the majority of the people that see it will simply rip it 100% from how I present it, not think on their own, and eventually end up bitching on why it didn’t work.

The successful ones however will “learn” from my campaign and come up with their own creative angle to create a lucrative campaign.  Back in the re-bill days it was relatively easy to rip someone else.  You could simply save their page, swap out affiliate links, upload it on your server, and begin seeing commissions come rolling in.  Things are much different here in 2012.

Rather than asking the question WHY try asking WHY NOT.  When I create a campaign or get involved with a new business I don’t accept failure; I can’t all of my income comes from working online.  If I sit around all the day and ask “why” isn’t something working I’m going to end up wasting a lot of time.  The affiliates that “get it” NEVER accept failure or wonder “why” something isn’t working.  The hard truth is; everyone, every campaign, is different.  Even handing out a carbon copy of a campaign isn’t going to work for all.

The ones that read this and finally understand they should be asking “WHY NOT” rather than “WHY” will be the ones that prevail.  If you’re one that expects everything to be handed to you on a silver platter you’ll be sadly mistaken.  Think for yourself, test things out, get creative and you’ll eventually become successful.  Don’t accept “no” always ask “why not.”  I wouldn’t be where I am today if I gave up when things got hard or challenging.

When everything fails… Don’t give up, get back on your feet and come at the situation stronger.  Learn from your experience and be patient.  Rome wasn’t built over night nor is any successful business!

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