What's Your Strategy? Here's Mine…

Over the last few weeks many of our Community members have been taking advantage creating their own lead generation arbitrage offers. I’ve been really impressed with the interaction amongst everyone as more-and-more people are sharing their unique strategies and are accepting feedback from other members (including Ruck and I). Since ripping someone else’s idea would only be a disservice (this isn’t like flogging), the input from others is really solid. From traffic sources, number of data fields collected, to front and back end offer walls the discussions are quite intelligent and I’ve even picked up a few new things.

As I’ve said before, I really enjoy the level of creativity that you’re able to explore with these type of offers. Since you can utilize practically any traffic source, there is almost an infinite number of ways to begin successfully capturing leads. Here’s some of our Community posts:

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Last week I wrote about Engaging Visitors To Capture Leads where I mentioned that pre-qualifying the visitor through a series of questions can help boost conversion rates and overall campaign success. Try combining this with SEO to create a fun, interactive website, that no only engages the visitor but turns them into a confirmed lead that can be monetized for many weeks.

What about pay-per-view traffic? I personally make my landing pages look similar to the sites I’m bidding over and then filter then down to my lead generation conversion funnel. Use similar colors throughout but always be upfront with the visitor and let them know exactly what they’re going to receive for the best results.

I told someone in the Community the other day I think that pay-per-click traffic is some of the easiest to get profitable. Since you’re able to laser target people that are actively searching for what you’re offering, you can successfully monetize with a variety of different offers. You then have so many options when it comes to the back-end monetization. Email follows ups split tested throughout a 30/60 day sequence is just the beginning!

With the AWeber Facebook application you can also integrate your optin form to a fan page and begin driving leads through that instantly. There are seriously so many ideas out there than it can almost be overwhelming. I suggest physically taking out a pen and paper and mapping out your offers before you start them. Explore different strategies combined with different traffic sources and see what works best for you. While PPC may work best for me, PPV may work best for you.  There is no wrong or right way and you’re only eliminated to your imagination and work ethic.

How creative can you get?


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