What Troubles Do You Face As An Online Affiliate Marketer?

affiliate troubleAt this past Grind Session Live Event in NYC just a few days ago, I decided I was going to quiz our audience. I was going to ask a series of questions I already knew the answer to but I was curious to see who would tell the truth and who wouldn’t.

You see, I’ve been in this game a long time. I’ve been an Affiliate, Advertiser and Affiliate Network owner for over half a decade. I’ve also been coaching and training them along with Mr. Gray for a few years now.

I want to repeat the series of questions I asked here and feel free to answer them in the comments below along with your own troubles you may face as an affiliate and we will start concentrating on the answers to those questions over the next couple of days and see if we can get you on the right track.

Remember, the only dumb question – is the one not asked. So feel free to fire away at us!

First question – Can you create landing pages?

I know that 90%+ of affiliates out there simply cannot do this. It doesn’t matter if they are web-based or mobilized versions of landing pages. People just don’t seem to either want to do it, or have enough motivation to go out and learn it. When I asked this to the attendees, the response was nearly the stats I just said. Crazy ehh?

Second Question – If you are in the 10% who can create landing pages, can you generate leads or make sales?

Now we are really narrowing down even further here but when I asked this question, a lot of eyeballs really lit up. I would say they were thinking “Holy shit, he’s on to something.”

You see, even though you may master the art of the “creation of landing pages”, that isn’t enough. Now you have to generate leads and / or sales to start generating revenue from your landing pages. Most affiliates who finally muster the courage and skills to create landing pages, seem to miss this part as well. That’s one of the main reasons this Industry sees so many copycats! Affiliates are either too lazy to think for themselves or they are band-wagon jumpers looking for the quick buck. Most of the large affiliates I know (7-figures or more a month) operate actual companies with business plans.

Which brings me to this question – Do you have a written business plan?

Out of every live attendee I asked this question to at the last seminar, only 2 shook their heads yes. I cannot stress the importance of actual business plans. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to build 3 multi-million dollar businesses this past decade and with IMGrind, Revived Media and iMobiTrax, we have crossed the point on two already with the third one well on it’s way.

So even though this is only three questions, I know there are more. One of which I will leave off with…

If you can create landing pages, you can generate leads and make sales and you have a written business plan, can you retain those leads / customers?

You see most affiliates take the one-shot-in-the-dark approach and get paid on a CPA basis. Some of the largest advertiser in Revived Media are the largest affiliates in the world. A Million+ a month is automated because they have mastered the art of tracking, optimizing and retaining the assets they start out acquiring (prospects / customers) and simply have programs, offers and products in place to follow up with each month.

So if you are in that 1% or not, I’m curious, what troubles do you face as an affiliate marketer?


  1. Arrwyn says

    First question – Can you create landing pages?
    I'm in college for a degree in Web Design, so yes, I can create a landing page but currently I have only one MLM company with which I work and they have given me a website, with landing page, that mimics every other website of every other affiliate in the company. My return question is: Should I create my own website/landing page to promote other than just for this one company?

    Second Question – If you are in the 10% who can create landing pages, can you generate leads or make sales?
    This question is about marketing. My company trainers all say start with a phone list of people I know and build from there. All the people I "know" have proven to be useless when it comes to helping me succeed because besides MLM and affiliate marketing, I'm an author of fiction. I've sent all my address book notices that my book is in "print" but NO ONE so much as sent me a "congratulations on getting published" note much less bought the book. One or two told me they would buy but no one has. Come on people ..$2.95 is less than a cup of barrista coffee! As for finding leads on the internet … That usually costs money and I don't have any. Any suggestions for FREE "advertising"?

    Which brings me to this question – Do you have a written business plan?
    At the moment, only the outline of one. Right now I'm concentrating on finishing school and getting a j.o.b. In Web Design. I'm not really "working" my business at the moment. I have only 4 classes to go until graduation and as the last two classes wind down, I'll start really working my businesses, but I have limited energy resources and can't devote 10 hours a day to school AND 3 hours to business. I'm also the sole care taker for an 87 year old woman who needs my attention when she needs it. (My own mother so I'm not paid for this)

    If you can create landing pages, you can generate leads and make sales and you have a written business plan, can you retain those leads / customers?
    Again, this question is about marketing, a subject of which I know practically nothing. This is where I need education. I was hoping my schooling would have at least one class on marketing, but if they do, I haven't taken it so far. I have a blog where I affiliate market but I haven't had time to keep it current. I have a writer's webpage where I do affiliate marketing but it is a "free" page and there are advertisers on my page that have nothing to do with what I choose to promote. I really need help in this area, especially free help or pay it when you can help.

  2. William says

    I have another business that is in the hands of a SEO company (Orange Soda) which was recommended by the Yahoo company. They are in the process of producing everything that you mentioned and more. I am not stupid know a lot about a lot of things but I will admit that I don't know everything. Do you know anything about Orange Soda?

  3. Andrew says

    1) Yes, but not for myself. I've planned and programmed several heavily used corporate web-based applications from scratch. They hit databases, create PDF's from user information, email users, stop and resume work, etc. I'm great with usability design, but I'm terrible at eye-catching design. And it's hard to work for myself.
    2) No. Last time I promised to stick with something for a month, I tried something new after 10 days.
    3) Yes. Two words!

  4. kasim says


    No offense, but no one is going to give you a handout. All super affiliates who are successful in this industry dont ask questions, THEY DO IT. Thats what makes them successful.. They buckle up and down the rabbit hole they go. I’ve learned in my 3 years of being a full time affiliate, no one will give you a handout. The only person that can answer 98% of the questions you asked above will only come from testing, testing, and more testing.

    “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”
    “When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.”
    – Jim Rohn

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