What Modern Shoppers Want And How You Can Give It To Them

With the holidays approaching it’s a good time to think about how people shop and if you are as a marketer or advertiser are you making it easy for them to find what they are looking for and make the decision to buy?

With Halloween approaching, the winter weather in some markets and the holiday shopping season, shoppers will be spending a lot of money. We’ve all seen and heard the impact online shopping has made and with the growth of mobile, it just keeps growing. In the not too distant past, shoppers had to look at ads in the newspaper and slog through shopping malls or department store to try to find what they wanted.

Not anymore. They shop online on PC’s, tablets and phones. They compare prices across the web while they stand in the store. They make stores match prices they find on the web. They “showroom” stores like Target by checking out the merchandise and then order it on Amazon at a lower price.

So what is it that shoppers want and how can you as a marketer or advertiser help them?

– Shoppers want to easily find the product they are searching for online. Make sure your products are advertised broadly in search and where ever else makes sense. Make sure your ads tell them exactly what it is you are advertising quickly and efficiently. The top few paid search ads are the ones that get most of the traffic on mobile search, so keep that in mind.

– They want to see reviews to help them make a decision. Do you have reviews available? They are extremely important, especially for shoppers who are in a hurry to make a decision and move on.

– Shoppers are short on time and patience, they want good information fast. Make your pictures high quality and your descriptions very detailed. People will make decisions based on these and if they are not great, you will lose sales. Also, make sure your site loads fast. Slow sites and landing pages kill sales.

– Shoppers want an easy and seamless experience. Make it easy for shoppers from start to finish. From the time they search until they finish the transaction it should be seamless. If you are offering discounts, make it easy and apply it immediately. Don’t make people search for coupons, if they leave your site, they probably won’t come back. If you are an affiliate, make sure your landing pages and where your links go are relevant, people don’t want to have to search after clicking an ad, send them where they want to go. Make your payment options as easy as possible and use a one page checkout if possible.

Whether you are a marketer or merchant, think about the shopper. It should not be too difficult to walk in their shoes since you probably shop online as well, but go through your processes and see how it feels, it could make a huge difference in your business. Below is an infographic from First Data that gives an overview of the modern shopper.

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