Follow The Tablet App Quality Checklist For Android Success

With the new Nexus 7 coming out earlier this year, Android Developers have been wanting a more detailed process of how to build high quality tablet apps. In the upcoming weeks (this is hush-hush) you will see the Google Play store start to include a series of new app collections that highlight the best apps specifically for tablet users.

Now the Android Developer’s platform has released a new Tablet App Quality Checklist to make it easier for developers to ensure your app meets the expectations of tablet users.

If you have A.D.D. much like I do, here’s the short story:

  1. Test For Core App Quality
  2. Optimize Your Layouts For Larger Screens
  3. Take Advantage Of Extra Screen Area Available On Tablets
  4. Use Icons And Other Assets That Are Designed For Tablet Screens
  5. Adjust Font Sizes And Touch Targets For Tablet Screens
  6. Adjust Sizes Of Home Screen Widgets For Tablet Screens
  7. Offer The App’s Full Feature Set to Tablet Users
  8. Don’t Require Hardware Features That Might Not Be Available On Tablets
  9. Declare Support For Tablet Screen Configurations
  10. Follow Best Practices For Publishing In Google Play
  11. Setup A Test Environment For Tablets

If you are an Android Developer, make sure to print out or bookmark the full Tablet App Quality Checklist and don’t forget that over at Revived Media, we are offering a special promotion for both Android and iOS developers for $50 worth of free Non-Incentivized Advertising on your app should you choose to test us out.

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