How To Get Started In Mobile CPA Affiliate Marketing #webinar

After my post about being a Mobile CPA Affiliate Badass, I had a few questions from aspiring Mobile CPA Affiliates about how to get started with lower budgets. Understand, that is really not my “forte” however, I’m reverting back to when Bill, Ryan, Preston and myself first started with Mobile advertising and CPA offers. Now, last night we had our weekly strategy live webinar for the affiliates of Revived Media. I really don’t like putting this information out to the public for free but since Mobile advertising does require a particular set of analytical skills, I don’t care too much.

Here’s what’s going to happen. There is going to be a step-by-step set of elements for you to follow. I’m not going to try and “sell” you or hype you on anything. We’re swamped as it is. Bringing on more people to the IMGrind Forums, more mobile affiliates at Revived Media and more users onto iMobiTrax is actually making me cringe right now.

So, take this as you will, here’s a recap from last night’s strategy call for aspiring Mobile CPA Affiliates to get started.

Here is the link from the video on what you need to do:

Mobile Marketing Step By Step


  1. jack says

    how much startup investment do you generally need to start out in this industry?

    say you wanted to get to $1500 month profit per month and had alot of time and experience in other areas like seo etc?

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