How To Utilize The Power of Niche Questions, Quizzes, and Surveys to Increase CTR and Conversion

This evening as I was pondering what I would eat for dinner, I began looking in our pantry and I noticed that we had an abundance of cereal. Hell, our pantry looks like Seinfeld’s cabinet of cereal (watch old episodes, and you will see what I mean) Jerry was a cereal fiend. I guess you could say that we are too. So what in the world does cereal and Jerry Seinfeld have to do with utilizing the power of niche questions, quizzes and survey to increase your ad CTR and conversion? Well, give me a damn second…let me finish pouring my milk over my lucky charms and then I’ll tell ya.

People are drawn to questions and surveys. People love to answer questions. For whatever reason, it doesn’t matter, but people love to test their skills, and let other people know that they know something. Anytime that I have run ads on facebook, whenever I use a question in my title, I always get better CTR.

Here is something that I will be working on and I encourage you to give it a shot.

Think about the food market. Think about groceries. Think about food commercials. Think about food jingles. I bet you are already singing or thinking of some commercials. Now, let’s think about COUPONS – HUGE MARKET, right?! Yes, it is… There is a method to my madness here. Let’s keep moving…

Here is the ad concept – Challenge people to complete a jingle or product tagline.
In this example, I am asking the quiz takers to answer cereal jingles…

My ad title text might go something like:
Cereal Jingle Contest?
Know Your Cereals?
Frosted Lucky What?
Beat The Cereal Quiz?
Coo Coo for Cocoa What?
Name the Cereal Mascot?
Cereal Mascot Quiz?

Set up a question based landing page/quiz

Frosted Lucky Charms – They’re magically what?
– tasty
– delicious
– yummy

Frosted Flakes – They’re what?
– ffffffantastic
– aaaaaaawesome
– grrrrrrrreat

There’s how many scoops of raisins, in kellog’s raisin bran?
– 6
– 3
– 2

What is the name of the CooCoo bird that is CooCoo for Cocoa Puffs?
– Tommy
– Sonny
– Jimmy

When the user is done taking the quiz (no more than 3 – 5 questions)

On that page, give them some special prizes that they have

If you are an IMG member, head on over to Revived Media and pick up
some relative offers that make sense as qualifying rewards…

1. Free Grocery Coupons
2. Free Grocery Shopping Card

To get started with this idea, you will need to create your own QUIZ or QUESTION script.
If you don’t want to create your own, here is the one I use from Code Canyon – JS Custom Test 

If you run this on social traffic – which would obviously be the best place…
Create an application
Install an SSL on your domain
iframe your quiz page using canvas method
create your ads and send destination to your app page

That’s it! Now do your pal Preston a favor –
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Then, get to work on your new approach to getting clicks and conversions as you walk the prospect through with a fun quiz instead of bombarding them with an “ad”.

Let’s end this post with a laugh…

Ok, fun time is over – Get to work, ya hear?!?


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