Two Tweaks to Increase The Performance of Your Adwords Campaigns

Throw That Junk Out

Usually we are consumed with a never-ending search to find a copious amount (yeah, I just went there…I said copious) of keywords to expand upon our reach within our target audience and garner more volume. That being said, one can easily lose sight of keywords that are not yielding any clicks. It is highly likely then that you have a bunch of dead weight that is bloating your adgroups and contributing to one hell of a mess inside your account. To optimize your performance within your Adwords campaigns, you may want to consider getting rid of the bloat.

THE FIX: Run a report on your keywords that have not garnered a decent amount of clicks over the past 6 months and then, like the trash, kick them to the curb. Get rid of them.
THE PAYOFF: The structure of your campaign(s) will improve, which will help you keep the hair on your head firmly in tact and yield better results overall.

Utilize Google Ad Extensions

Do you feel like your ads have fallen flat and/or become stale? We all know that if your ads go stale and your CTR drops then so does your quality score, which in turn effects your price per click. Uggggg – we have all been there before. Now is the time to consider using site extensions to breathe some new life into your ads.

With ad extensions, you can add more features to your ads such as a phone number (anyone thinking here….PHONE NUMBER) , a link to google +, links to your most popular pages on your webiste, product snap shots, ratings, and more. This will help your ad stand out in different ways. Not only do page extensions make your ad appear larger in the paid results, but it maximizes the number of blue links that are associated with your ad block.

Web users – old and young are trained to click on blue links. Sure seems to make sense to me that the more blue links that you have on your ad copy, the more eye attention your ad will receive. So, make your ad look like a smurf. (no? too much?)

THE FIX: Create ad extensions by adding your phone number, sitelinks, or Google+ link
THE PAYOFF: Increase your CTR and overall Quality Score.

While these two tweaks aren’t revolutionary or earth-shattering, they are often overlooked. Give these two tweaks a try and see if you are able to get Google working to your advantage. Best of luck!


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