2 Tools To Consider When Developing Your Next Facebook Ads Campaign

I always encourage people inside our Private Community to “think outside the box” and approach different angles when developing new campaigns. As we all know, Facebook is a powerhouse that has the ability to send your business/website thousands of targeted visitors with the click of a mouse. Two tools that we’ve used for quite sometime are AppData.com and SocialBakers.com.

AppData allows us to see what applications people are installing and using daily on Facebook. Therefore you can use this information to target your ads or even develop your own similar application that can eventually lead to monetization. By understanding what exactly people are installing on Facebook you have a better idea of how they use the site and can develop accordingly.

SocialBakers is an excellent resource to show the growth on Facebook by country. Countries that have a growing user-base are excellent because many of the users aren’t used to seeing the ads on the site (less banner blindness). Therefore you’re going to experience higher click through rates that leads to reduced click costs. Also, you’ll find a lot of room to grow as some advertisers are simply “late to the party” in some countries. I recorded a video where I walk through both of these tools:

If nothing else consider these two excellent free resources when planning out your next advertising campaign on Facebook. I’m sure they’ll allow you to come up with some new creative angles that will likely lead to higher ROIs and an increased bottom-line.

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