2 Tools To Boost Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

Instagram – Are you using it? If yes, nice work! If no, why aren’t you? Over the course of this weekend, Ruck and I had a discussion surrounding this topic. With a userbase tipping the scales at 80 million and being recently acquired by Facebook, Instagram is a social platform that you really shouldn’t ignore. Using this photo taking/sharing app in your marketing efforts is really a “no-brainer”.

Now, of course, there is a caveat when we place Instagram and marketing side by side. And that caveat is this – If you are going to use Instagram in your marketing, you can’t half ass it. Just like other social platforms, you actually have to apply yourself and also follow some guideliness for success on this platform

  • Engage with Your Audience
  • Engage with other Instagram’ers
  • Like other photos
  • Follow other Instagram’ers
  • Build your own followers by taking great photos
  • Comment on other photos
  • Share other people’s photos
  • Share your photos across your social networks
  • Use #Hashtags
  • Utilize our (2) favorite tools (InstaFrame and Statigram)

While most of these are pretty self explanatory, many people ignore these basic principles and think that by simply taking photos that the traffic will come surging in. That’s just not the case. For those of you who use or plan on using Instagram in your marketing efforts and understand the basics of social traffic generation, we have two awesome tools that you can utilize to boost your marketing efforts.

The first tool that Ruck and I recommend is INSTAFRAME: (There are several different versions of this app by different companies) We are not partial to any one in particular – download one and try it out. InstaFrame is an awesome tool that you can use to not only add additional FX to your photos like collage (multiple pics) and cool frames, but most importantly you can add text to your photos.

Why would you want to do that? Oh, I don’t know – how about posting your URL! Imagine the traffic that you could build if you posted your URL across the bottom of a photo that catches fire in the community with a high number of likes. Especially if your photo piques the curiosity of your viewers – perhaps your URL tells the rest of the story.

Similar to Pinterest, you could be sitting on a traffic goldmine. Now, of course, using InstaFrame will not grant you loads of traffic, because you first have to take photos that get liked and shared (do this by using #hashtags and syndicating to your social media groups and pages).

Here is an example:
I love coffee. I drink it morning, noon and night. I know, it’s not healthy but dammit I can’t get enough of the stuff. Apparently, the coffee community is HUGE on g, especially Starbucks. I wonder what would happen if I took an awesome pic of Starbucks giftcards, #hashtagged it with “Starbucks” “coffee” “dark roast” “coffee beans” “morning” “verona” “komodo dragon” “organic” “fair trade”, and then used InstaFrame to post a URL (FreeCoffeeGiftcards.com) <—- NOT MY WEBSITE.  Send the traffic to a Starbucks Giftcard freebie offer. Ta Da!

Now, InstaFrame makes it possible to do all of this from your phone! The other awesome part of this app is that it allows you to upload images into InstaFrame and then into Instagram. Can you see the power in this? This means that if you are a photoshop ninja that you can create some really nice photos with even better call to action statements, buttons, and more.

You can find InstaFrame on the iTunes app store
*NOTE: There are several versions of this app which all do pretty much the same thing. Download them all and see which one has the best FX.

The second tool that Ruck and I recommend is STATIGRAM:

Quite honestly, Statigram is so awesome that it is worth a single post all on its own, but what I can tell you is that you should really check this tool out as well. Statigram is your personal dashboard for your Instagram account and gives you desktop connectivity to the Instagram application that quite obviously resides on your phone – allowing you to use instagram on your desktop. I will try to summarize what this amazing site does:

Dashboard for monitoring your Instagram account (likes, shares, trends, etc.)
Statistics – get important metrics on your photos
Management Platform – communicate with your viewers from your desktop
Promote – use the promotion tools like collage timeline photo creator and facebook application
and so much more.

Just trust me when I say, if you are using Instagram, Statigram should be your co-pilot.

Check Statigram out today


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