Top 5 Ways to Lift Your Edge Rank

Like it or not, edge rank is something that every facebook page owner has to deal with in order for your fans to see your content. While, I personally think its a load of bologna, especially if you are paying facebook to earn subscribers and likes to your page, my opinion doesn’t really doesn’t matter because rules are rules.

So, instead of fighting the system, we might as well learn how to follow best practices as it relates to facebook edge rank.

So, that being said, here is a list of the top 5 action items that you can use to help raise your edge rank on your facebook fan page and hopefully get your posts and shares in front of a larger percentage of your fanbase.

Just like nurturing a blog that you post to each and every day to gain more organic traffic, your facebook page should be treated the same. You will need to post consistently on your fan page, at least once a day in order to gain the results and engagement that you desire. If you are lazy with your facebook posting, you will get crappy results.

Inherently, we all like to see what other people are doing. One fantastic way to get people to engage with your page even more and raise your edge rank is to post photos on a frequent basis. People love to see themselves, tag themselves, and even see what other people are doing in their photos. You will notice that recently facebook changed the way the photos are displayed when you click to see the larger image. They made the commenting more prominent and also made ads more visible :) Knowing that, you certainly don’t want to flood your page with random photos or meme photos because it will just get “tired” and people will overlook it. Try to sprinkle in your images.

This may be one of the less obvious ways to raise your edge rank, but there is merit in this method. Depending upon your niche or the community that you are trying to build within facebook, there may be a certain time/hour of the day that you should post in order to gain the most engagement. In our most basic understanding of user engagement, most users will spend time on facebook before 8am and after 8pm during Monday – Thursday, based upon the fact that the vast majority of desktop users will not access facebook from work. Also consider the age group you have targeted on your page, and realize that a good number of adults in their mid 20’s and up have kids.

You don’t always have to share your own content, in fact, if you come across a story, a whitepaper, and infographic, a download, etc that could be considered helpful, you should share it. Don’t always be shouting your business message or your blowout sale. Act like a friend. Be helpful. Don’t be a robot with a droning message. Remember, people love to share information that is helpful, or items that make them laugh or smile.

To avoid any potential edge rank penalties, it is in your best interest to post your shares and page information on your own. Third party applications may cause you to take a ding on your edge rank score. Facebook knows about these tools and most likely is watching those page owners who use them. Be smart. Don’t be lazy. If you have to, hire an outsourcer to work directly with your page(s) in posting your content.

The brass tax is this – keep your page fresh and keep the content rolling in day after day. Make sure that you are mixing up your content types and that you are being helpful.



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