3 Websites That Will Teach You How To Write Click Worthy Ad Titles and Get Massive CTRs

Ad titles – how in the hell do you write ad titles that get that crazy awesome ctr that everyone is talking about? It’s a question that is discussed on a daily basis on the web within the realm of advertising. Here are some common questions that we,  the team at IMGrind, field not only on the private forums, but also via email, skype, text and even over the phone. See if any of these questions look familiar to you.

  • How can I learn to write more effective ad titles?
  • How can I increase the CTR on my ads?
  • Why aren’t my ads getting clicked on?
  • How do you come up with your ads?
  • What’s wrong with my ads?

If we are all honest with ourselves, then most of us will admit that there has been a time where we didn’t have all the answers or knew wtf we were doing with respect to writing explosive ads that garner clicks like pulls on a slot machine in Vegas. I faced this issue in the past myself, and still continue to fight for great CTR, but I go into battle with inspiration every single time that I create ads for my own personal campaigns or when the internal team is working together to produce ads for new campaigns that we are testing at Revived Media.

In my humble opinion it is always a good idea to refresh your mind and get new ideas by learning from great mentors or teachers. You can call me a title voyeur. I’m a sucker for a good title, whether that be for a book, a magazine article, blog post or text ad. If it makes my head snap back and take a “double-take” then I’m committed to the click or the browse – somebody just got me.

So, what’s my secret for writing good titles? I consistently use three websites for inspiration when writing my ads:

  1. Yahoo
  2. MGID
  3. Natural News

My first go-to for title inspiration is a site that practically everyone knows about, but most people don’t pay attention to the secret of their success. It’s not their search engine, it’s their kick-ass content. If you guessed Yahoo, you nailed it. Yahoo has, in my opinion, some of the best ad titles and writers on the web. These guys and gals know how to write compelling titles. Next time you visit Yahoo, look at the top trending stories in their slider – awesome ad titles

My second stop for getting inspired before writing ads is a hidden gem and perhaps a site you have not heard of, it’s called – MGID.com. Not only does this website have some of the best titles for their content, but as a bonus for all the facebook advertisers out there, it has some of the best images known to man that when reproduced in facebook will have your ctrs exploding, providing your targeting is on the mark.

My last stop for title inspiration is Mike Adam’s – NaturalNews.com. Mike Adams and his team of writers come up with some amazing post titles that will make you click your mouse. Their niche is health, wellness, and alternative healing. Knowing that this niche is huge and one in which many have or will build a business or produce some form of advertising, this is a truly awesome destination for learning how to write about health and create titles that will have your conversions rolling in.

Visit all three of these sites before you write your next batch of ads and I guarantee you will pick up so much knowledge when it comes to composing a great ad that you will never need to buy a course on writing ads because these guys and gals have mastered the artform.


  1. Jeff Wygant says

    Remember, you can also get inspiration from the print world. Read the teasers on magazines while you're in line at the grocery store. Even the tabloids can teach you something.

    • Imgrind says

      Good point Jeff! Those magazine titles are designed to get you to click to that one page, perfect for inspiration!

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