3 Great Ways To Increase Social Signals To Your Website and Increase Your Rankings – Part 1

Have you heard the new buzz term that is gaining steam within SEO circles and online businesses alike? Social Signals is the term I am speaking of and according to many authorities within the SEO space, and even from the whisperings of the search giant, Google, it will become the primary factor in ranking your website(s). Knowing that, it is now necessary, now more than ever to create content that will engage your users and give them a reason to share your content – thereby issuing a social signal that resonates throughout web.

One thing to note – in all of these examples, it is important that you leave a call to action in regards to your social signals. If you are going out of your way to provide killer content, then ASK YOUR READERS TO SHARE IT. You can call it social currency. You aren’t asking for money, at least right now. But, you can ask for your readers to help you out. If you provide the value – they will help you out. Without your readers sharing, you have no social signals. Marinate on that one.

Press releases:

Write a compelling headline with some great content and you can easily start working your way down the social signal highway once your press release gets picked up by different sites. If you have written your press release effectively you can almost bet on the fact that you will get some shares. Just remember that helpful content that offers benefits without strings attached gets shared.


Have you been working on a new technique within your niche that makes your subject easier to accomplish? Perhaps you have found a way to be more time efficient or discovered a way to get more conversions by adding a new element to your checkout process. People love to learn new things and if you can prove your numbers/results by sharing a DETAILED (people want to see the nitty gritty how to details) report filled with research (split tests, ideas, results) your readers will feel inclined to share. Here come the social signals.


People love video. One look at the explosive growth of YouTube over the past 4 years will show you that. No reason to drone on about its importance or how it is growing, so I will just get to the meat and potatoes. Whether you choose to be in front of the camera or opt for using screen capture software that records your desktop screen, video is a great way to jumpstart those social signals. If you can construct a helpful how-to video or give compelling commentary on your subject, people will share it – trust me. I get social signals on my videos every single day. Again, provide that value and ask for the share.

Stay tuned for the next part of this series where we will cover even more ways to increase social signals to your site(s)

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