The Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Your PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click advertising – if you like instant traffic, then you are all too familiar with self serve ad/traffic platforms. The most notable of course being Google Adwords when you are talking true PPC. While platforms like Google constantly release new components and units for PPC, one thing stays the same – and that’s the basic principles or best practices for creating PPC ads and campaigns that yield the best return. Today, we would like to share this powerful checklist of PPC optimization by invesp. This is a great “go-to” that you can use on your next PPC campaign efforts to help guide you into the path of optimization and good returns.

  1. Define your goal
  2. Research your target audience
  3. Do proper keyword research – dig deep for the good ones!
  4. Utilize NEGATIVE keyword lists
  5. Do keyword group segmentation
  6. Write killer ad copy that demands attention from your audience
  7. Use a clear call to action
  8. Create effective landing page relevant to your advertisement (HUGE ON GOOGLE)
  9. Use geo-targeting to pin point your target audience
  10. Test different ad positions
  11. Test different ad copies
  12. Evaluate your quality score and work to increase it
  13. Remove ad copies with low CTR
  14. Remove non performing landing pages
  15. Remove bad keywords with bad quality score (Big IMPACT)
  16. Increase your BUDGET for top performing keywords
  17. Identify non performing keywords
  18. Optimize your bid management strategies
  19. Optimize your campaign for conversions NOT CLICKS!
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