The 3 E's That Will Make You An Awesome Affiliate Manager

After 3+ years and hundreds of affiliates and help creating and maintaining one of the fastest growing and top Affiliate Networks in the world, this post goes out to all of you Affiliate Managers wanting to get more out of your affiliates.

First off, You Have To Give Before You Get.

This is the norm in any business. Or at least it has been for me. The role of an Affiliate Manager is one of many. You have a variety of tasks within the Affiliate Network itself. I understand this. Most do not. Most affiliates clap their heels and expect you to magically appear spilling sweet goodness to them to get them ahead of the game.

Today, I’m going to talk about 3 important words. They are not just words though. They are much more important than that. Coming from my background, I lived by these 3 words. I will almost guarantee if you apply these this week, you’ll get more out of your affiliates.

Engagement – You don’t want to come off as spammy but you do want to be personable. Explain your work ethic upfront. Let them know, if they are allowed on the network, they are expected to perform. Why else join? Establish rappaport right off the bat. Sometimes back in the day, I would spend over an hour on the phone with a pending affiliate before they were even approved. I pounded it into their head, that I’m looking for winners. Go-Getters. Stone-Cold killers. I want motivation. You want me to help scale your business? You better be fucking available. Not the other way around.

Jesus, seriously I don’t mean to knock people, but we’re fucking lazy. Waiting around for affiliates to contact you is as much fun as watching paint dry. Let’s face it, if you establish you are aggressive and will be contacting via instant messenger, email or phone then the affiliate knowingly accepts this and expects it. So, it’s on you to keep the relationship going.

Education – You’re education as an affiliate manager is much more important in my opinion than the affiliates themselves. Why is this? Because they come to you with questions, you better have the answers. Not having answers makes you look like an amateur and will quickly get you distanced from the affiliate. Not only that, they’ll most likely go tell all their little buddies about your level of intelligence. Say buh bye to your reputation among high-volume affiliates.

Evolve – This is the one you will have to work at the hardest. As affiliates evolve, so do their campaigns, traffic sources and business ventures. This is something not only you have to accept, but also work-around or work-with on very constructive level. The better you are at whatever they are starting out doing, you should be at least 3X better at. The more you help scale an affiliate’s business, the more they will scale yours. They will shift other campaigns to you, run higher volume and of course, tell their buddies what you did for them.


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