Targeting Customers By Zip Codes And Using Location Extensions On Adwords

In case you missed it, Adwords recently announced their new targeting feature –  targeting customers by zip code. Along with zip code targeting, Google has also introduced a new way to insert locations in your ads and “clearer and more powerful” targeting options. Location extensions merge your business address and phone number seamlessly with your ad text. Whether you have a single storefront or multiple ones, location extensions allow you to attract customers who are interested in businesses in your area. If you customize your direct mail, outdoor ads, or newspaper ads at a postal code level, you now can easily do the same in AdWords in the US. We are introducing the ability to target more than 30,000 US ZIP Codes with your AdWords campaigns. You will be able to add up to 1,000 postal codes at a time to your search ad campaigns with AdWords Location Targeting. Plus, you can get feedback on the performance of your local campaigns by viewing campaign performance statistics at the postal code level.

New Dynamic Location Insertion

Instead of manually creating ads that have the city or state name in it, you can now use the location insertion option to dynamically create these ads. So instead of making hundreds or thousands of ads, make one and use the syntax {}. How does it work? Well, turn on the location extensions and then when you create ads insert that syntax. For example, “Find a {} Store or Shop Online,” a user viewing your ad in Chicago would see: “Find a Chicago Store or Shop Online.”

To use location insertion in your ads, first enable location extensions for your campaign. Then, you’ll add a tag, known as a parameter, to your ad text. When appropriate, they’ll replace the parameter in your ad with information that matches the location extension. Google can detect location based on either where your customer is physically located or geographic locations that she may have shown interest in.

You can use location-specific parameters to dynamically replace the city name, postal code, and phone number. The parameters can be inserted into your ad title, text, display URL, and destination URL.




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