Squash Depressive Thinking With The SCORE Method

I’ve been practicing a lot of daily mind rituals. You know, those sweet little positive things you conjure up to keep that negative ole depression away. Well, if you’re the type that says “that’s stupid” or some other half-ass witty (in your opinion) remark, then this post is for your overly-medicated and negative-thinking ass. With the rant out of the way and the clouds now opening so we can see the sun coming through, I can’t remember where I first heard/read about this method but it definitely helps and takes out some of the monotony of being an Entrepreneur. Typically, there are tasks or things that come up in life that are going to put the shackles of stress on top of you so here’s a quick little technique to bitch-slap some negative thinking away before it disrupts your productivity.

The method is actually called SCORE monitoring.

The SCORE technique was created by Jim Fannin. Known around the world as one of the finest high-performance coaches. He’s been working this technique and making it better for 25+ years now. I’ll keep this simple stupid but real quick, before going into a meeting, or starting a new task, take a few seconds to monitor yourself in the following areas:

  • Self-Discipline – Ask yourself whether you’re working toward your goals, doing what you know you should be doing in a disciplined manner.
  • Concentration – Check whether you are focused and concentrating on the task at hand.
  • Optimism – Are you enthusiastic, energetic, and positive? Are you expecting things to go well?
  • Relaxation – Check your tension: make sure you’re not too uptight, that you’re calm and relaxed but not lethargic.
  • Enjoyment – Monitor your enjoyment levels. Make sure you’re feeling good and appreciating the moment. Ensure that you’re choosing to have fun with whatever you’re doing.

Now if you didn’t notice already,  the first letter of each of these words forms the word SCORE. It’s Fannin’s experience that when these five facets of your mind are in good shape, you are functioning mentally at a super level. Try it sometime. At first it seemed a little awkward and I had to write the five on a iphone note to remember and go back to but it actually only takes a few minutes to monitor yourself in these areas each time you move to a new task throughout the day. It my experience as well as other documented, it truly does work. Give it a shot one day and let me know how it works out for you.



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