PPC Ads Are Taking Over Search Results, Is SEO Over?

People are constantly complaining about Google’s updates and changes. I get it, I understand, you have a site, it’s performing well, the search engine makes a change and it stops performing. Here’s the deal, by now you should know that this risk is present. Hedge your bets and change some stuff. The way you do things, how you make money, whatever. Don’t be reactive, be proactive. If it’s too late then move on.

In the private forum, we cover dozens if not hundreds of other ways to get traffic, ranking, and make money online and one thing that is very clearly stated by many is do not rely on search engines, search traffic and seo to make a living. You can use them, but don’t rely on them. The discussion seems to be getting louder and occurs quite a bit more often as Google continues to make it more difficult for most marketers to rank a site on purpose.

Wordstream put together some great information on another trend that seems to be another nail in the coffin of SEO. Now to be fair, they are in the business of providing SEM marketing services, so this information is a benefit to their model. I’m not saying it’s not 100% legit, I’m just saying keep that in mind.

The infographic below shows a compelling case for the fact that in the US, PPC is taking over the clicks of searchers when they are on the search giant. Consider the following:

– Almost 2/3 of clicks for high commercial intent keywords go to paid ads instead of organic listings.

– Ads DOMINATE the real estate above the fold.

– It is becoming more expensive and difficult to rank organically from a business perspective.

There are several other great points made and from a business perspective, it does seem to make perfect sense. Yet another reason to spread your risk, don’t put all your eggs in one basket and think about what the future holds for your business.




  1. Jay says

    First visit to your website, first post read and let me tell you, that's the best infograph I've seen all year! I still find it hard to believe that PPC is getting 64% of the action though! Also I think it'd be interesting to see the ctr%, as the ad copy can be total bollocks in relative to what you land on. How long will it be until a percentage of the 45% start ignoring the PPC adds due to rubbish copy? It's obvious to me that there is a minority of PPC advertisers will write any old crap just to get you to their website, and when you arrive its clear that the offer isn't running anymore…

    Great website

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