How To Launch A Youtube Channel

AHOY GRINDERS! If you be seeking additional treasures, then you should pay attention to my tale of YarTube success! This post not be for those who fear work or putting in effort. No, this post is for those who want to learn from someone who be making the internet monies! No planks I be walkin, Oh no! I’ll be givin the orders round here, ya dig? Why? Because I put in me time, I stayed on my grind, and by plundering the YarTube – my internet treasures did I find. And guess what – My formula for success keeps printing them dollar billz with every sun up and sun down. Now strap yourselves in, grab a pint of your favorite ale, for Preston the Pirate has a story to tell! YARRRRRRRRRR.

If ever there was a time to get started with YouTube, now is that time. At this point in the game, anyone can sign up for a YouTube account and monetize it with an adsense account right off the bat. While this is different than a YouTube partner account, it does allow you to make some coin. This is exactly how I started my YouTube channel.  While it started slow, I slowly began to gain views and then all of a sudden the channel ignited and since then I have been seeing $80.00 – $100.00 revenue days.

My views have skyrocketed to over 1.4 million views across 163 micro videos (micro videos are videos that for the most part, are not longer that 5 minutes) When my account hit the 1 million views mark, I received an invite to become a partner! That was an awesome email to receive. Being a partner gives you more options for your YouTube channel in how you can modify your background, modify thumbnails to garner more clicks, and heaps of other cool features that regular accounts are unable to access.

Check out my most recent statistics below:

My biggest day, thusfar, was $161.00.  And guess what? This was all organic! No paid traffic. So, how can you cash in? First and foremost you have to take the plunge and get started. I was doubtful at first too, but soon I became a believer. I think that anyone can replicate this success if you select a video niche that you and others are passionate about. Obviously, you are going to need an audience. There are many ways to promote your videos organically (think facebook, blog commenting, and YouTube commenting to name a few). There are tons of ways to generate more views and gain traction (giveaways, contests, etc.).

Since I have started with YouTube, I found quick success and know that you can too, if you apply yourself. Be on the look out for some more YouTube cash techniques and possibly a micro course that is in the works at the internet’s #1 destination for all things internet marketing – IMGRIND!

Let IMGrind know in the comments below or on our facebook page, if you would like more YouTube tactics! It is in all seriousness, some of the easiest and most enjoyable money I have ever made online.


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