How To Curate Content The Right Way

You have a blog, website or brand on social platforms. Some of you are content creation savants and can bust out content like there is no tomorrow, and that’s great, but what if you want to create a lot of content and provide solid information consistently but you are not an “information/content Rainman”?  You want to add value, build traffic, educate, make friends, achieve some goal, whatever, you need good content. But how do you get and share content the right way? Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of (a video curation engine by the way) recently wrote about the subject on Mashable and it made me think about how many people do it wrong by not sharing broadly across many platforms and not taking part in their industry by talking with and about others. They are missing out in a big way.

Content Curation is one of those buzzwords that many have heard, but not all understand. It’s about using and sharing information you found that will be relevant and useful to your audience.  In this age of way too much info and not enough attention to go around, content and information can make or break your business. You need it. So what’s the right way to get and share information? Here are some best practices to find the information and share it in a responsible and respectful manner.

First off, begin with the end in mind. Really think about what you are trying to accomplish and gear your writing/sharing to that, in tone, certainly on topic and in delivery. If you are trying to sell blue widgets, share information that is relevant to people who would buy blue widgets. If the info is about the blue color that those widgets are, that is probably not relevant to the audience and you are wasting time that could be spent elsewhere as well as valuable attention, that if you don’t keep with good content, could be gone forever. So stay on point and be relevant and helpful.

Find information by becoming one with the information world you live in. Take part, join forums, use social media platforms, load up your Google reader, search on twitter, bookmark sites, look everywhere and become a collector. Figure out who the thought leaders are in your vertical or niche and watch them. Also, don’t be afraid of watching fringe characters and other people in other niches. Sometimes great breakthroughs are made by applying information from one area of expertise to another. Next, join groups, listen to conversations in the wild. Read blog comments on popular blogs, you will be surprised what people will share that can provide you information or give you inspiration regarding what others want to hear or read. Ultimately new ideas and information can be created when many pieces if information and ideas are put together. It’s like a great meal, a bunch of different ingredients brought together for multiple dishes that ultimately make a great meal.

Share information and give attribution to point out where the ideas and information came from.  Ultimately you will benefit more from this than taking the route of trying to make everything sound like it was your original thought.  It’s a good way to join the club of smart people who talk about the things you do.  It is respectful and people know what is going on, your writing is not the only thing they read, especially in related fields.

Next, share across multiple platforms. Social media is the new SEO and it’s where people hang out to find new information. Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, whatever, is a great way to share that curated content. Cross posting and linking as well as giving people excellent and easy ways to forward and share your outstanding curated content is a great thing. Make it easy and offer it to the broadest audience possible.  I can assure you that some very successful businesses have been built just doing this, it is that powerful.

Finally, don’t just curate. Build some original content and use your personality, humor is a great way to connect with others and bringing levity to otherwise boring subjects might really be a good idea to get repeat readers. Entertainment and solid information is a great combination. Preston here at the Grind is a great example, he uses his personality in what he creates no matter what it is, campaigns, video, blog posts, whatever and everyone loves it. He is unique and makes stuff fun.  Obviously, sometimes just reporting is ok, but more often, your audience likes to hear more, opinions, ideas, anything you can add is a good idea. People will continue to read your content if you offer a fresh perspective instead of just the rehashed stuff they can find elsewhere.  Also, it’s a good idea to use more than one source when curating ideas and information for content. Multiple sources can help you provide more value to your consumers as well.

Content curation is a great way to serve your readers, you can bring them the best information and offer it in your own way. There are many sources of information on content curation. Done the right way it is helpful to many people.



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