The Key To Scaling With Traffic Volume

Ruck and I have coached and trained thousands of publishers and numerous ones have gone on to become multimillion dollar monthly earners.  A lot of publishers out there just need a “boost” to begin taking action and once they experience the first couple of conversions, they’re hooked on online advertising.

Cost per action marketing has proven successful for many advertisers because they’re able to only pay when a sale or lead has successfully taken place.  Newspaper, television, radio, and other mediums are hard to measure results because you really have no clue where the customer came from.  Sure, you could poll each customer, but you are going to have to conduct a considerable test before doing so and will have to allocate a lot of your budget.  Media buying, social media, email, mobile, and cost per view are just some sources of traffic that affiliate marketers continue using to generate commissions.

When a traffic source has proven successful and is returning you a ROI there are a couple of things you can do to scale the volume up and enjoy a larger profit.  When starting any direct response campaign, regardless of traffic source, it’s necessary to test several landing pages and creatives.  The entire conversion process should also be tracked so optimizations can be made.  But what happens when the initial creatives start to lose their effectiveness?

No matter how appealing your creatives are, over time, you’ll notice they begin to “die out.”  One thing I find myself repeating over-and-over again is “more ads, more campaigns.”  When you find a traffic sources + campaign combo that is profitable scale it out by adding more ads and more campaigns.  For example, if you’re running something successful with mobile traffic, make it a point to add 5 – 10 new creatives (ads) a day.  Also consider 1 – 2 new campaigns mixing and matching new targeting options.  Don’t just sit things back on “auto pilot” (I hate that word) and call yourself a “super” affiliate.  Eventually, it will die out.  It doesn’t matter how well your first couple of ads and campaigns perform, they eventually lose effectiveness. More ads, more campaigns.

The other day I was scaling up one of our social media campaigns.  The ROI, CTR, was excellent (200%+) but after I spent a couple hours adding more combinations I was able to increase this even higher!  To be honest, I was shocked at the results – I didn’t think I could do better than I was.

If you’re an affiliate marketer conducting CPA campaigns you’re taking money out of your own pocket if you’re not adding more ads and creating more campaigns with different targeting options daily.  Make this part of your daily routine and see an increase across the board with your business.  Large brands pay marketing companies millions of dollars to do this same method, but it’s not rocket science.  If you’re not constantly developing, you’re losing out on money.  Mobile, social, search engine, email, cost per view, etc. – all marketing channels!  Now excuse me, I have some scaling myself to do this evening!

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