How To Monetize Your Traffic With Offer Walls

Rather you’re capturing leads or just sending visitors to a landing page an Offer Wall can be an effective way to monetize traffic. An Offer Wall is a basic web page that contains multiple CPA, CPS, CPL, and even CPM ads. I personally like the creativity it allows me to explore as It can be used to monetize every form of traffic distribution. From Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, to emailing them to my lists, the possibilities are almost endless.

The goal of an offer wall is to get the end user to complete more than one offer and increase conversion rates by providing them with “exactly” what they were looking for. A good example niche to make you more familiar with an offer wall is biz opp and more specifically survey site offers. Here’s one of mine:

In the above example I list the “top rated online paid survey websites.” Through my entrance text I explain to the user the benefits of a survey offer and then provide them with multiple links. Notice: I didn’t get too fancy with things, I left the links default blue and included a simple call-to-action beside each one; “Click Here.” People need to be told exactly what to do. Don’t assume they even know how to click.

Here’s another example:

Again I use a numbered list as I feel that it’s one of the simplest ways to present the offers. Each offer has a unique headline and a call-to-action; “Apply Now.”

In the beginning all types of offers should be tested. CPA (cost per action), CPS (cost per sale), and CPL (cost per lead). I personally alternate every other one until I can get some solid data to begin optimizing. After a hundred or so clicks to each offer I’m able to analyze the EPC (earnings per click) and place the ones that garner the highest towards the top with the lowest towards the bottom.

Once you’re familiar enough with the cost of you’re traffic you’ll be able to make optimizations based off the initial EPCs. In the examples above I cut an offer if it didn’t perform at least $0.40 EPC.

This is a very effective way at promoting affiliate offers. While I almost always suggest collecting leads before revealing the user the offer wall, it can still be effective without (I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to build an email list). Start thinking about all the niches you can do this with, get creative, and send your profits into overdrive.


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    Hi Ryan,

    I've just started to learn driving traffic and stumble on your post about offer wall. Although it may old term but I never heard of. I mostly doing SEO with organic traffic and now looking for pad traffic as well.

    Nice post and thanks for eBook

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    I searched Google to find out exactly what an offerwall is and found this post. I will be adding an offer wall to our websites exit pages. Thanks.


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