How To Successfully Monetize Leads With Email Marketing

Building an email list is the just beginning of monetizing leads.  If you don’t know how to write a strong email copy you could be missing out on hundreds if not thousands of dollars in profits. Writing a solid email copy, setting up an automatic follow-up sequence, and rotating between other lead gen/credit card offers can provide you with a solid “back-end” to your lead generation arbitrage offer OR as a stand alone campaign.

When thinking email monetization I only like to deal with double optins (confirmed leads).  Sure, single optins can be monetized, however those are not near as important as getting double optins on an automatic sequence.  These are not only visitors that have entered their email address, but ones that have clicked the verification link in the confirmation email, hence expressed interest in the respective vertical.  Since this email is sent automatically after the user enters their information you want to write a subject that entices the visitor to open the email and take immediate action.  Here are some examples for the biz opp niche:

ACTION REQUIRED: Your Work At Home Job

NAME, Confirm Your Info Now

NAME, Don’t Wait – Confirm Now

You want to think of your subject line like you would your ad copy click through rate (CTR).  If people don’t even open the email there is absolutely no chance they’re going to confirm and get on your automatic sequence.  Services such as AWeber allow you to customize your subject line but they do require approval before it goes live.

Once you have your confirmation email down, I suggest you test other and compare percentages, but you can then begin writing for your sequence.  The first email I like to send explains to the confirmed lead what they should expect.  You’ll notice your open rates will be much higher in the beginning of the sequence rather than later.  Therefore the first email should encourage leads to white-list your sending email address and should contain links to back-end websites containing offer walls.  Here’s an example email following confirmation:

Notice how content-rich this first email is?  Every one of these links kicks out to a back-end website loaded down with CPA offer walls, CPM ads, and other monetization tactics. Since the open rate is going to go down from here you want to initially overwhelm the reader with content.

Following your initial email I do not recommend using ANY images.  After months of testing what works, I’ve found that emails that contain images are most likely to get flagged as SPAM.  Many email providers such as Gmail don’t initially load images unless a user allows it, which by default is turned off.  Don’t even chance it, just stick to text.  When writing emails, I recommend this format:

* Compelling Subject Line
Get personal with this.  Use dynamic variables to insert their name in the subject line.  Same concept applies to email marketing as with PPC/display marketing.  Numbers typically help garner a higher CTR (in this case open rate).

* Include The Call To Action Twice
You definitely need a call-to-action and you need to include it twice in your copy.  Your call to action may simply be “Click Here To Apply”.  It should then be listed towards the top and again towards the bottom.  People shouldn’t have to look for it.  Keep it right in-front of their eyes.

* Use Bullet Lists
Bullets make things easy to read and are extremely effective at clearly showing the benefits.  Don’t go overboard but a list of four or five key features will really boost your conversions.

* Personalization
Emails should be “from” a person and not a “company”.  People like to hear from other people, not companies.  Follow-up sequences should come from a person and should be signed by a person.  If it looks like an ad, a high compliant rate is possible.

* Compliance Is Key
You always want to keep in mind compliance when planning out email marketing campaigns.  Not only should you abide by the updated FTC guidelines you should also fully understand the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

When it comes to offer selection I like to rotate each day between lead gen and credit card offers.  Day one I send out my welcome email, day two I send out a lead generation offer, day three I send out a credit card offer, etc.  If your auto-sequence contains more than one email a day you’re going to start making people mad.  Don’t get greedy, one a day is plenty, especially if you write a compelling copy. 

Quality > Quantity

Monetizing confirmed leads with an automatic follow-up email sequence can be a very long-term and lucrative strategy.  Optimize with higher EPC (earnings per click) in the beginning and lower ones towards the end.  Typically a 30-day sequence will accomplish many ROI goals, however I’ve also been successful going 60 days+.  As with any Internet marketing the more creative you get with your audience the higher the reward will be.


  1. John Ward says

    Ryan, or maybe I should all you Ruck :) – Keep up the post man. Everything on here has been gold so far.

    • Ryan says

      Ruck and I always joke that we are twins separated at birth… LOL

      Thanks for the compliments bro, hope you enjoy!

  2. mizzer says

    By credit card offer do you mean an offer requiring a credit card number on submit, or an offer pitching them a credit card/service?


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