How To Make Bank With The Olympics

Four years ago I realized just how powerful the Olympics could be if used correctly with affiliate marketing.  This time around it’s no different and I’ve got a lot more experience and came in prepared.  Being able to monetize trends is an affiliate marketer’s best friend as you’re able to target large volumes of traffic for cheap.

In general people don’t want to be advertised to or “sold.”  However if you engage them and garner their attention you’re notice an immediate increase in conversion rates.  Taking the right “angle” is what a lot of affiliate marketing comes down to.  Approaching visitors with something that gets their attention to eventually promote a product or service in that demographic.  For example, someone interested in the Olympics may also be interested in purchasing tickets to other sporting events (a huge niche for many online marketers).

Something new I noticed from the big G is they’ve setup an entire trends section just for the Olympics.  They’re making it easy for you to compile a keyword list as they’re showing just how many searches worldwide are being conducted for individuals – freaking awesome!

Lead Generation Arbitrage has been one method of making money online that we cover extensively throughout our Private Community.  Seasoned Internet marketers know how valuable a targeted list of leads can be and how they can be monetized for months to come.  Cheap niche-based traffic can build these type of lists at an incredible rate.  Now days not only can you build these using traditional web advertising but also with mobile traffic.  Using the Olympics you’re also not limited to the United States – this is a worldwide event that is trending!

Another reason why trending events generate so much cheap traffic is they send many people to news and sports websites to find out the results.  Increased traffic = more impressions = unsold ad inventory available for purchase!  If you’re not purchasing this traffic then you’re definitely missing out on a huge opportunity, and in this case, one that only comes around every four years!  Also don’t be caught off guard for the next big trend *cough* elections in the US *cough*.

If you’re a member of our Private Community I’m going to go into a bit more detail on how exactly you can utilize this trend to leverage your campaigns against the competition.



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