Make Testing Your Landing Pages Easier by Asking Questions

As online entrepreneurs, we all must endure the dreaded tasks of testing. I can only imagine the collective sigh or eyes rolling when business owners sit down to begin this task. This word, while cliche’ within the interweb marketing circles, is a very important task that is often times overlooked or flat ignored. When is the last time you took a hard look at some of your landing pages? Do you routinely test changes? If you have done neither, now is the time to start. Within our collective companies at IMGrind, we are never satisfied with our analytics reports. While alot of our portfolio sites exhibit healthy returns and good numbers with respect to bounce rates and average time on site, we are driven by this phrase – “it can always be better”. What has helped us maintain consistent testing across our sites is working through a checklist. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself that may help you pull the trigger on making some changes.

*NOTE – when making changes to your landing pages, be sure to not change too many things at one. Pick one or two things and monitor the changes.

1. Headline Questions

  • What color is the headline font?
  • What size is the headline font?
  • What font – face are you using?
  • Have you tried asking a question in your headline?
  • Have you tried using shock value in your headline?
  • Have you tried using a teaser title in your headline?

2. Copy Questions

  • Does my copy support my headline?
  • Have you tried using bullet points?
  • Have you selected different value statements?

3. Clickable Targets

  • How many clickable targets are on my landing page?
  • Where do these links go?
  • Do they drive potential customers away to different pages?
  • Do I need all of these links on my landing page?

4. Call To Action Statements and Buttons

  • What color is my landing page button? (Try a yellow/orange button)
  • What CTA text do I have on my button? Perhaps it isn’t strong enough to solicit a proper response
  • What shape is CTA my button?
  • Does my CTA button have any glossy/glass treatment?
  • Is my CTA button attractive and eye appealing?

Go through these questions and give em a go – you just might be surprised how much easier it makes the testing the process.

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