Learn How To Defeat Horrible Conversion Rates With These Tested Tactics

Conversion rates – it’s a topic of steady discussion on the IMGrind private forums and all across the web, and for a good reason. You can spend all the money in the world driving traffic or creating content, but if you can’t get the football in the endzone, all your efforts are in vain. This facet of online marketing is possibly the most important as it is directly related to the amount of money you will make. SEOGadget in the UK has put together a fantastic infographic that does an amazing job not only dispelling conversion myths but also gives a clear roadmap that will guide you to conversion nirvana. Let’s take a look

Install Proper Analytics

This is really one of the most important components of any strategy used to determine what is going on within your website. Especially when it comes to conversions. Everyone’s opinions on analytical tools is different, so just pick the package that makes you happy.

Get Your Funnels Ready

Using your analytics, take a long, hard look at your funnels. Determine where the largest majority of your visitors are entering your site and where they are exiting. You may be able to spot some trends across a year’s worth of data and you may also be able to determine why it is that your visitors are most likely to abandon the site based upon something that either is or isn’t on the page. Your task is to study these scenarios and determine the issue. The funnels will show you the way.

Engage Your Audience to Get Feedback

Use survey tools and live chat plugins to get feedback from your customers. You just may learn some important details about why your customers are not completely filling out your lead forms or buying your widgets. Use these tools to their fullest extent because the insights that they yield are invaluable. Your customers know what’s wrong with your site.

Offline Research

Jump off your website for a moment and place yourself in your visitor/customer’s shoes. What do you see? What objections are you answering? Do you make it easy to checkout? Is your design clean? Is your contact information easy to find? Do you have a chat program installed to answer questions? If you have a call center, pick up the phone and play the role of a customer and see how your agents are answering your questions or objections.

Make Your Achievements Noticeable

Consider adding testimonials, product ratings or benefits of using your company. 1 in 4 people are most likely to read a product review before making a purchasing decision – are you adequately defining your achievements or benefits?

SEO Gadget has an amazing infographic that goes into further detail in to how you can increase your conversion rates. Check it out below:

The SEOGadget guide to Conversion Rate Optimisation - Infographic
A CRO infographic by SEOgadget.co.uk


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  1. says

    Hi Preston,

    Trust goes a long way in this department. Make testimonials prominent. Ask for referrals. Word of mouth advertising is trusted, powerful and a big-time factor in increasing conversions. More people say "Yes" if they receive confirmation from a friend or trusted associate. Excellent tips here.

    Promoting others helps here. Some promote you in return, giving you a most powerful testimonial. If someone gives up space on their social streams to you, your content must be pretty darn good. Another way to boost conversions by gaining the trust of your market.

    Thanks Preston!

    My recent post Network Marketing Training – Can You Take the Heat?

  2. says

    Infographic looks quite nice. I personally believe that there is always space for improvement in terms of conversions and any website can double sales at the same amount of traffic.

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