Landing Page Basics For Beginning Marketers

landing page basicsNo matter what your business may consist of online, it’s a safe assumption that landing pages are going to be an important (most likely vital) element in your marketing process. Unfortunately, even the most savvy of marketer tend to under estimate the importance of landing pages. This post is written intended to change all that because landing pages really do not have to be that difficult.

First and foremost, you need to deliver the exact information that someone is looking for, but you need to do it in a very compelling way. Because you need to put the right landing page in front of the right visitor, landing pages are NOT “a one size fits all” method of marketing execution. Typically, you want to have multiple landing pages for multiple marketing methods.

Landing pages in the most basic words are the pages that are skimmed quickly, so large and legible fonts, simple language, and clear next steps are absolutely critical to your landing page’s success.

To continue the conversation with your website visitor that you started in your ad your landing page should:

  • Reinforce the ad clicked by the visitor
  • Be long enough to provide proper context, but still easy to skim read
  • Have a visual focus
  • Have clear calls to action (phone call or contact form, or even both) – try avoiding elements of distraction

Start by reinforcing the offer in the headline and copy

Remember: Your landing page is the point of entry for someone new to your website. To get there, visitors have most likely clicked an ad you have been running somewhere. To avoid confusing your new visitors, it’s important to repeat and support the offer that initially brought them there in the first place.

Your landing page should be consistent with the advertising used to attract the visitor. Reinforce the offer in your page’s headline, images and copy. Try using persuasive copy that supports your claims that you made in your ad which triggered the clickthrough in the first place.

The headline should refer directly to the place the visitor came from or the ad copy and relevant keywords that drove the clickthrough to the landing page.

Write Clearly

One of the biggest misconceptions that has floated around since I started marketing online is that landing page copy should be “the shorter, the better.” Great landing page copy is well organized and easily scannable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be short. A good landing page can actually be very long.

Tip: Want to see a really long landing page (it’s a sales-page really)  that has generated over $25,000 in Seminar tickets and DVD Recordings – in just 1 month? You can read and view my landing page here.

All subheadings and links should be written with clear language. Opt for “Request More Information” rather than “Got 2 Minutes?” and use Testimonials. Please, – USE Testimonials.

Here’s a quick process you can use:

  • Subheads and bullet lists – Make them easy to scan
  • Descriptions – Support their information needs
  • Testimonials – Leverage human need for reinforcement in decision making
  • Guarantees – Put your buyer at ease

Try avoiding graphical and navigational elements that imply visitors are at the bottom of the page before they actually have scrolled down through all the page content. A long landing page is fine, as long as the visitor knows how to scroll.

My visitors know how to scroll, that’s why the example landing page I showed you has worked so well. Feel free to take these data points and my landing page and coming up with your own ideas and remember to split test your landing pages and consistently test out new headlines, images and copy. Once you get the basics down, then move into more complicated areas such as Copywriting and remember to challenge yourself to always be trying to better your conversion rates!


  1. says

    There are so many online dating sites such as Nice people dating that it is vitally important than the landing page gives the potential customer a clear and precise idea of the ethos of the site. Your article was very informative and helpful…I agree that it is vital that the landing page reinforces the original ad that got the potential customer to the page in the first place, and that the page is then easy to read with concise information…followed by a clear call to action.
    I have also found split testing a very useful means of establishing what works best.

  2. Frank says

    This post is surely a little old, but as I am just getting started with pre-selling and going thru IMGRIND posts, I gotta ask:
    Any recommended resource/course to learn how to set up LPs?


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