How To Capitalize On The Image Text Statement Trends On Facebook

Spend 5 minutes on Facebook and you will surely see a large number of the pages you follow using a combination of images with text written across them, or just messages written in attractive fonts that resonate with most human beings. My timeline looks more like Pinterest here lately than that of a typical Facebook page. It seems that all the pages I follow are trying to communicate with me via images and typography statements.

Guess what ?! Evidently it works because I have been liking the mess out of all kinds of images that have made me reflect or lol to myself. One of the first things you will be taught in social media when it comes to running a successful fan page or group is to not be self serving and to be memorable – make people laugh or think. Just like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crawled through the ooze and became powerful, full-grown, ass-kickin ninjas, so has fan page power that has been powered-up with images and text. Most recently, at the IMG offices we have noticed that the Coupon niche has absolutely CRUSHED it with this social media traffic driving methodology. Want some examples? No problem – Review these images below and I will then explain further.

Notice how Coupon Cabin has taken advantage of associating cute animals with their marketing messages. Just look at the number of likes and shares!

If you thought those were great, take a look at Retail Me Not!!

Now granted these facebook fan pages already have amassed quite the number of fans. So, getting likes and shares is even easier when you put a cute furry animal with a funny statement or something similar. This should not discourage you! Start making some of these images and when possible on content that you own, place your URL in your image.


Image Text Builders

If you would like to try your hand at creating/sharing images with messages, I have compiled some resources for you.

1. Illustrations with Text –
2. Funny Images with Text –
3. Animal Images with Text –

Other Tools

1. Instagram – Shoot your own awesome images and share them
2. Photoshop – Create your own image text masterpieces with the finest program out there
3. Gimp – Free image editor


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