Is It Time For You To Start Building A Serious Affiliate Business?

Anyone that says you cannot build a full-time business organization from Affiliate Marketing is an idiot. Period.

I’ve done it many times over. I’ve managed full-time affiliates for over half a decade. I’ve seen, heard personally witnessed some affiliate business turn into Inc 500 companies.

What you may or may not know is that most of the advertisers within the CPA Industry are enormous affiliates. They just do a damn good job of hiding it. It’s called lead gen arbitrage.

The problem is that we have a ton of uneducated morons flooding the Industry because there literally is – no barrier of entry in this business. I’ve been managing businesses on my own since I was 16 years old. Mr. Gray has been managing his own businesses since he was 13. Just because someone walks into this industry, copies a deceptive flog, farticle, blah blah blah, and makes a couple hundred thousand or even a million+ dollars, doesn’t make them a serious affiliate. Matter of fact, from what I’ve seen, these affiliates usually get into more trouble than anything.

The truth is that if you want to be a serious Affiliate Marketer, don’t even think about giving up in your first year. Yeah, that’s right. 1 year, 12 months, 365 days, that’s 8,760 hours and if you work 17 hours a day like I do, that leaves you with 6,205 hours to the spot, to work on your affiliate business. Really scary when you break it down like that isn’t it? Let’s throw in there that most affiliates starting out may have a day time job, family to deal with and most likely, more distractions that I have. Add that all up and your probably looking at less than 5,000 total hours to work on your affiliate business within your first year.

And you expect to be successful? You expect to become financially independent? You expect to “ball-out” in less than 5,000 hours?

Let’s be real for a minute here. You can make a ton of money in Affiliate Marketing. I’ve shown it myself many times over here on the blog and in the private forums. In the real world of business, very little actually happens in terms of results within your first 12 months of business. The hype of fancy cars and “dolla dolla bills yo” has clouded the minds of people entering the Affiliate Marketing Industry. Most businesses don’t even turn a profit within their first 2 years! It typically takes them that long just to become sustainable. Yet, 95% of the people coming into Affiliate Marketing can’t even grasp the reality of business, let alone understand this.

So many “wanna-be” affiliates come into this business full of pride, confidence and enthusiasm. What typically happens though is within 6 months (It’s usually less than that), they start to lose steam. They start getting bored, losing interest or having that “next great idea.” They find themselves bouncing around on all the information presented to them and by chasing this new information, it leads to enthusiasm which in turn subliminally tells them that what they are doing is right. It’s not. It’s actually the totally opposite. After weeks, months, even years of this shit, they still haven’t gotten anywhere. They keep erasing all the progress they’ve made but it gets worse. They never really stand the chance of developing something serious and sustainable.

I’m going to be upfront with you right now and tell you that when it comes down to building ANY sort of business, either offline or online, this “shoot from the hip” approach of bouncing around is stupid. The real payoff in ANY business comes from a consistency that typically comes over a period of years. It takes a lot of time to build a following, attract leads/customers, develop websites/landing pages, generate referrals, network with others who can help your business, develop your business sense, acquire expertise from others, and figure out how to generate income from your business in ways that make you happy.

If you truly want to build a serious affiliate business and enjoy a more appealing lifestyle, it’s crucial that you get past the “bouncing around” phase. To begin with, the people who are bouncing around are typically broke anyway, that’s how I determine posers in this Industry. I see them everyday. They keep giving up and changing their minds well before they even begin reaping the benefits and rewards of sustainability and growth. Before they even experience any type of serious results, they pull the plug and it’s on to the next “great idea.”

Every serious affiliate I’ve had the pleasure of working with or meeting in all my years online all have one thing in common. At one time, they decided to quit fucking around and get serious about building something long-term. They quit bouncing around and drifting from idea to idea. They committed themselves to a particular path, focused on it and put themselves in the position to stick with it for years until they mastered it. Most of these affiliates have built power-house companies, operations and sustainable, long-term organizations. Meanwhile, the “bouncers” are on to the next idea that will get them the same results within just a matter of months.

Get Real.


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