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One of the things that Ruck and I have kept private for many years past is our personal philanthropy.  In a time of economic uncertainty in the United States, Ruck and I both understand how fortunate we’ve been with our companies and the success we’ve had over the years.  Throughout 2012, and our partner companies will be taking a very active stance in giving back to local and national charities.

I’m currently moving homes again for my third time in the last 24 months.  During moves I always find clothes (some brand new) that simply don’t fit or I just don’t wear anymore.  Rather than having a tremendous closet, I would rather give back to those less fortunate so they too can enjoy the feeling of having a nice new shirt, pair of pants, or shoes.  Today, Ruck and I will be making numerous runs to the local Goodwill stores throughout the Orlando, Florida area delivering clothes, furniture, and electronics.

More than anyone, Ruck understands how expensive children can be, he has three little ones of his own!  When we’re long and gone from this world we want to be remembered as the Internet guys that “gave back” and “made a difference” in this world that can at sometimes be seen as very evil full of greed and envy.  While it’s rewarding to be able to afford some of the luxuries life has to offer, the MOST rewarding thing to us, is putting a smile on another child’s face or providing a family with that hot holiday meal.

This is something we are VERY passionate about and we will continue to blog on some of the notable donations we accomplish.  We challenge other Internet Marketers out there to become active with their own personal philanthropy and to give back to those that need it the most.


  1. cjd says

    When we found out that our daughter had a hole in her kidney we encountered unexpected medical bills. Ruck is family and when I told him about the situation he didn't give it a second thought to not help us with with the situation. His generousity and graciousness helped keep us out of medical debt and our daughter is 100% well now. No one has a bigger heart to helping those in need than Ruck…. and Ryan too! Keep up the good work guys!

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