IMGrind Affiliate Summit East 2013 Recap Pics And Slideshow

Another great Affiliate Summit East show has come and gone and it was deliciously beneficial for all three of our Brands – IMGrind, Revived Media and iMobiTrax to attend the Conference. Lots of business deals were sealed, current clients, fans and a couple of haters were all graced with our laid back presence at the Summit. :-)

We didn’t and don’t attend Keynote Speaker Presentations or anything like that. However, I heard they were pretty good, so check out the Affiliate Summit website and look for video footage. There was a lot of video cameras around so you might be able to dig up some educational and informative keynotes from the Speakers.

While we do a lot of networking at these Conferences, we really also include them as our “breaks or vacations.” Times when we can break out of the Office Grind and socialize with some of the most intelligent and nicest people in the world. It’s refreshing to be able to attend such a large event with so many diverse cultures of people attending and companies exhibiting.

With that said, here’s a digital man hug and THANK YOU to the Founders of Affiliate Summit, Shawn Collins and Missy Ward. I can’t even begin to explain what their Conference has done for my businesses but most importantly – My Life.


Another big shout-out to Lyndsie from the ClickBooth Affiliate Network for squeezing us in for a Sponsorship to the Affiliate Nation Party. That girl is a social butterfly, with a heart of gold who works her ass off to make sure these Networking after-party, get-togethers are entertaining for everyone who attends. She was able to let us Sponsor and get a VIP Table. We had a crew of about 10 with us with many familiar friends and faces visiting our table and screaming into each others faces over the sound of booty-shaking music and the eye grabbing break dancing from midgets.

Big shout-out to all the Sponsors of the Affiliate Nation Party who put the cash up to provide an entertaining event after being at the Conference all day.

Affiliate Nation

Thanks to everyone who caught up with us at the Conference, it was a pleasure! Now to keep myself from writing a long-ass post here, pictures speak thousands of words. Here’s a slideshow of pics of the cool people and companies we met at the Summit. Just click and it will auto-play while you’re slurping your coffee. :-)

The next Conference is in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel and Casino in January. If you’ve never been to an Affiliate Summit, I highly suggest you go. I’ve provided a ton of trade show conference tips and strategies that we use inside the IMGrind Private Forums and I could see some of our peeps using our strategies at the Summit. (Literally, watched some of them) :-)

We look forward to Affiliate Summit West in January! With Respect – Ruck & Ryan



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