How To Start Building Mobile Apps With Conduit

Mobile Apps – It’s not the future, it’s right now. We are living in a world of millions of applications. Herein lies the next great gold rush. The question is this: “are you cashing in?” At IMGrind we have entered many discussions and round tables about how to get started with mobile apps. While there are many solutions, the best course of action is to TAKE ACTION.

Most of you are aware that services like odesk and elance have freelance programmers and even agencies that are capable of helping you bring your app idea to fruition. While this may be cost prohibitive to some, there are many self building platforms out on the web that will allow you to create your own apps. Often Ruck has spoken about a company that allows anyone to create a downloadable toolbar that you can run traffic to and monetize, and this very same company has an online app builder that you can use to start creating your first apps. The company is Conduit.

This company has truly streamlined the app creation process, making the building of your app very intuitive and easy. You can build apps for the iPhone, Android Marketplace and even Windows phones. Now, let me clarify by saying that this is not a tool for building a game, but rather a way to build a utility app or information app that you can monetize with one of your own offers, or one of the many mobile offers that we host at Revived Media. Conduit is a paid service, so you must review the plans that are available to see which one is the best fit for you and your company.

We have included all of their tutorial videos below in the conduit playlist – take a look at how simple they have made the process.


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