How To Setup A Website On The Rackspace Cloud

We get a lot of questions inside the Private Community asking us about who we recommend for a reliable web-host.  Since the late 90’s I’ve always had some type of dedicated server.  Essentially this means that my website is the only one hosted on the server and I pay a monthly fee to have the server hosted in a redundant data center.  I’m given a configuration from the beginning and it cannot be upgraded without physically taking the box apart and adding additional components such as RAM, hard drive space, etc. Cloud hosting changes all that as it’s scalable on-demand.

In recent years, cloud hosting has became a very popular subject, and in my opinion where the future of web hosting lies.  If you are looking for a solution that you can scale on demand and have the flexibility for your business, I would be the first to recommend the Rackspace Cloud.

Watch my video presentation below as I demonstrate just how easy it is to setup your website on their cutting-edge technology:

Pretty freaking simple huh? Rackspace has been a proven leader to my businesses (as I’ve also had a couple of dedicated servers with them) so you may wish to check them out when you’re looking for a solid host that has the support AND scalability you need.


  1. Claudia says

    Hey Ryan, awesome tutorial. Newbie question, why you need multiple dedicated servers? Is it okay to set up your 10 high traffic sites in 1 dedicated server, right? Then why you need multiple? You didn't discuss that on the video. Please advise!

  2. IMGRyan says

    I would setup 10 high traffic sites on the cloud (since you can scale on demand). If you have 10 high traffic sites and put them all on one dedicated server, it better be a MONSTER. Also, if it crashes, they all crash. So:

    Using cloud = all sites is fine
    Using dedicated server = 1 high traffic site per server

    • says

      If you're hosting 1 high traffic site on 1 dedicated server and are afraid of hosting more – you're hosting on a 486 or something. There's no reason you can't have several high traffic sites on 1 dedicated server.

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