How To Make Money on YouTube with Adsense – Part 2

Ye Ole Grinders, Lurkers and Haters – gather ’round! Ol’ Preston and Ruckles have been chatting this afternoon and realized that it was indeed time for Part 2 of how to make money on YouTube. As you know YouTube is one of our evergreen income sources. If you recall from Part 1 of this series we were hitting 100.00 days in adsense profits. And guess what….we still are! And, yes, it’s 100% profit at this point because of the time we put into creating our growing collection of videos. Now we are reaping the monthly benefits. 2012 was a great year for us, and hopefully for you as well. 2013 is shaping up to be great for us as well.

Before you go any further, I am going to hit you with some RUCK REALNESS. What people truly love about Ruck is his no nonsense attitude when it comes to making money. If you are a LAZY ASS, YouTube is not for you. If you have the will and the moxie to bust your ass around videos that you enjoy making and are passionate about, this is totally for you. Ruck challenged me to dig deep on this post, and for the great results we received on our part 1 about YouTube, it is my duty to bring the heat once again! So, if you are ready to truly discover how YouTube moguls are made, keep reading! If you are looking for some crumby technique to rip other people’s work, or some way to produce shitty automated content, then move around.

OK YouTube hopefuls, let’s continue this ride into the PROFIT ZONE

While we will not be revealing our exact YouTube niches, we aim to help you craft your own revenue streams that pay sexy profits on this platform that we love. If you love the idea of getting paid for your video creations, then stick around because we are going to coach you into the WINNING zone.

As we close out the first quarter of 2013, we have collected these solid paychecks from the Googles (NOTE * – This data is from just (1) of our channels. We have multiple channels. Some channels help feed our main channels and some channels are in different niches completely.) Another source of motivation….This is not our best channel in earnings :)


Understanding The YouTube Game

Take a look at our last 30 days on this channel. You will see that we garnered over 1.8 million views for the month which translates into 2,846.02 in adsense money! Here is where the evergreen law comes into play. This one channel has over 400 videos. We only made a handful of quick videos this month.

This means that our existing library of videos is responsible for the majority of our monthly take home! This is truly auto-pilot income (only after you have put the work in and continue to nurture your account with more new videos) Translation: we still gettin paid month in and month out on our first videos.


Video “Voice” Formats

In the first part of this series we told you that we would reveal how we make our videos. It’s quite simple. First you must decide if you want to be the “face”, the “voice”, or none of the above. For most of our videos we have opted to become the voice of our videos, meaning we are hardly in front of the camera, we are normally behind it.

In the first part of this series we told you that we would reveal how we make our videos. It’s quite simple. First you must decide if you want to be the “face”, the “voice”, or none of the above. For most of our videos we have opted to become the voice of our videos, meaning we are hardly in front of the camera, we are normally behind it.

However, for one of our channels, I have been the face of the videos – interacting with our audience. Whether you are narrating the voice or presenting the video as yourself, both methodologies have the power to bring bank in the form of Adsense monies and even driving traffic to your website where you can make more advertising revenue and/or sell your digital products, services, or other goods.

Where Is My YouTube Cheese? Let’s Find It, Dammit!

There is plenty of cheese to be found within the YouTubes as evidenced by our earnings reports. When you operate multiple channels like we do, you can really stack paper. The profits come by being involved in markets/niches where the searches are found. If you are just getting started in YouTube you need to decide first what type of “voice” format you are going to adhere to, and then secondly, you need to decide upon your subject matter. Our two most profitable channels fall within these niches:  product reviews and how to.

In part 2 of this series, we will first look at Product Review type videos. In part 3, we will discover how to make money with how to videos, so make sure you keep an eye out for the next installment of this YouTube goodness.

Let’s address product reviews first and why I personally feel like this niche is a blockbuster. People are inherently curious. What types of products are you curious about?

Stop and think for a second…. Is it sneakers, is it gadgets like peculiar USB devices, is it smartphone accessories (cases, etc.) is it food (candy, food trucks, etc.) is it hats (snapbacks, fitted, etc), is it wrestling figures (rick flair, hulk hogan, CM Punk)….

Pick a couple of those things and then start researching the market. Are there other fanatics out there that are equally in love with those type of products? If the market is big enough and if there is plenty of variety in the product line, then you need to move your ass into high gear and own that market! You gotta be the authority. This means that ultimately, you should have plenty of knowledge or at least willing to research the products to talk about them intelligibly. If you are faking it or just trying to be passionate about a subject it will never, ever work!

An Awesome YouTube Adsense Case Study

You want an example of what works? Ok, no problem. Let’s take a look at an example: Ty’s iPhone Help.


Ty is a great example for review videos and for how to videos (eventhough we will cover this type of video channel in an upcoming post). What has Ty done? He has created content surrounding one of the most popular smartphone devices on the market. He reviews iphone and iPod touch accessories, he reviews applications, he teaches people how to become power users of these devices, and so much more.

It’s easy to see why he has amassed over 81 million views and over 300,000+ subscribers! It’s apparent from his videos that Ty is passionate about Apple products and he knows them quite well. It is also clear from his number of views and subscribers and even followers on social media that he is a trusted source/authority on these products.

Let’s run a search inside YouTube and take a look at the results for iPhone case reviews. It’s no wonder that Ty popped up in the top results. Just look at this review on the LifeProof case. Damn near 500K views. Why? Well what’s interesting to note about this case is like the Otterbox case, the lifeproof case has it’s own angle in the market in that it can survive in the presence of water where most other cases FAIL. So, naturally, people are curious about this case and how it works. What better way to show the effectiveness of this case than to do a video showing how it works.


NOW – let’s take this a step further. A peek into the description of the video shows us what most of us already know. TY IS AN AFFILIATE MARKETER. He is doing the research on a product. He is doing a thorough review on a product. He has an affiliate link where viewers can buy the product. Know what else – yep, he is tracking with a link so he can monitor what products are getting traffic. CMON MAAAAAYYYYNEEE – It’s not rocket science.

It’s a process. It’s YouTubing with a purpose. This has been mapped out and strategized. Also, you may notice that he is building his social audience by simply linking to his social sites.

  • Use YouTube as your platform
  • Use all of the available options at your disposal to make that bank!



MORE SEARCHES reveal more about Ty’s dedication to his channel. People enjoy his approach to reviews surrounding Apple products. Just take a look at some of the view counts of individual videos and then use your mind to see where you can continue marketing off of these video springboards (affiliate links, digital downloads, and more). Also, look at the banner ad which accompanied his iphone case review – The Google Nexus. Yep, the nexus is running pre roll ads on his content and he is making money from these ads.

Why does he get paid? Because he creates STELLAR CONTENT. He does his homework. He is passionate. Advertisers will want to align themselves with this content because they can get in front of the perfect demographic!


Yout may also notice a KEY aspect of his channel which we mentioned in part 1. He has 3 channels total that work in unison and cross promote his channels (Ty on The Fly and Ty’s vlogs).

ty website

He also has a website that is tied into his review/how to channel ( which helps feed him more opportunities to make advertising bank, sell swag and his own digital products. NOTICE – he has 36,000+ fans on facebook alone supporting him and his sites.

Do you recognize what he has done here? He has created the perfect storm – everything works together and feeds the machine. Essentially he is producing alot of content that is linked to other content that is in turn linked to other content. In concept – it’s beautiful. This is how THOSE WHO KNOW are making bank on YouTube.

  • No, this is not something that you can half ass
  • No, this is not something that you can make bank off of by using copyrighted material or reuploading other people’s content – that will get you banned!!
  • No, this is not something that you can spend a weekend on and start making bank

This process takes planning, time, commitment and EXECUTION.

1365054371_16Our team at IMGrind has done it, and we continue to invest in this medium because our time returns massive dividends that are evergreen, ya feel me? OK my friends, I am spent. I WENT HAM on this post. Let me know if you want to learn more and I will continue to bring the goodness.

DIVERSIFY your streams. Use YouTube. Go for big checks or go for some extra cash. Either way, just do the job right. The dividends will be there.


  • Set up channels surrounding content that you are passionate about
  • Link those channels together so that they feed each other (increasing views, subscribers, shares, likes and REVENUES)
  • Create videos that surround MASS topics of interest. Look for big audiences! (don’t niche yourself down too small)
  • Use the description field to share your links (affiliate links and social links)
  • Ask your audience at the end of your video to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP, and SHARE your content.
  • Use your website to tie it all together
  • Use your social platforms to syndicate and gain authority

PT OUT – see ya next time.



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    This design is incredible! You obviously know how to keep a reader amused.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost.
    ..HaHa!) Great job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than
    that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  2. says

    Just frucking awesome. So many ways to bang the dough.

    The key: research and “No, this is not something that you can half ass”

  3. says

    Thanks so much for the comments! YouTube is a passion of ours, and we love collecting those checks. This was a post that Ruck challenged me on and I wanted to come through for the GRINDERS out there. I do thoroughly enjoy writing. Especially about topics that I can get pumped up about.

  4. says

    Artur – Many thanks!!

    Yep, to get that solid paycheck coming in from YouTube each and every month, you really need to embrace this revenue stream as a functioning part of one of your LARGE site build outs. Let it bolster your written efforts. Both your blog and videos should work together to feed other channels you own.

    The winning formula
    MAIN CHANNEL (reviews, how – to, commentary, etc)
    Secondary Channel – Your iPhone/Android video channel (ONLY VIDEOS shot on your smartphone
    Tertiary Channel – Your DAILY VLOGS

    link all your channels together
    make sure you drive traffic from one of your channel’s videos to your other channels.
    always ask for your viewers to
    your videos

  5. 11 says

    Well Done. The path is crystal clear! The challenge becomes creating product unique enough to be noticed amid the crowd. Best, 11

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    Excellent post, thanks for sharing. I’m looking for more info on monetizing YouTube, where do I get it please?
    Kind regards,

  7. DC says

    great posts on YouTube, I truly love them! I started doing YouTube videos late last month and have uploaded 94 videos. So far I’m at about 7-$800 in affiliate sales. I will not reveal my niche but your YouTube blogs def helped me get inspired. Thank you soo much!

  8. says

    Great tips on how to make your income at Youtube. People only remember two things, excellent videos and worst videos. If yours is just the average, you need to exert effort to promote it.

  9. Mark says

    You such a teaser!lol. Up till now, I’m still struggling to get an Adsense account. Every time I register always failed.

    Do you have any effective guide to get an Adsense account?


  10. Mark says

    Hi Ruck, thanks for replying

    Pardon, I’m not really understand with your comment, what is the relationship between G+ Hangouts with getting an Adsense account?

    • says

      Hey Mark,

      You can speak with Adsense Review Team directly through their Hangouts Live. I’ve participated in a couple of the Adsense ones and quite a few of the Adwords ones. I attribute a lot of our success on Adwords and Adsense to the fact we’ve spoken live with Google. It isn’t like the old days of shooting emails over. You can call them up, speak to them live in a hangout and call them out on their Google+ Page – Hope it helps – R

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