How To Make Money on YouTube with Adsense – Part 1

Routinely, we still talk about Adsense here at IMGrind as a revenue stream. Why? Because the money is so damn easy to make. We have a good number of accounts that bring in some nice paychecks each month.

What do we do with this money? We use it to invest back into our portfolios of assets so that we always have something new in the pipeline. We talk about building sites that generate monthly revenue to supplement your CPA/Affiliate marketing. Getting your piece of the YouTube/Adsense pie is just one more way that you can inject another stream of revenue into your monthly revenue.

Making money on YouTube, like other online money making methods, requires dedication and lots of hard work. You can outsource alot of the grunt work, which we will explain in an upcoming post. That being said, the time invested is well worth it. One of our channels continues to make over 100.00 each and every day like clockwork without us even touching it! How did we do it? We invested alot of time building several hundred small videos that are fully optimized and tagged. These videos are evergreen and continue to bring in the daily bread.

When we talk about adsense on YouTube, we are mainly referring to the money made with pre-roll videos. These are the commercials that run before or after your content. This is where the big money is!! Each time the commercials roll past a certain time mark, you get the monies! This does not require clicking on ads to get paid. It requires that the viewer actually watches the commercial to get paid. If you are providing entertainment, education, or really anything that is worth someone’s time because there is ‘value’ – most people will sit through the commercials (as evidenced by our paychecks)

How To Make Money on YouTube with Google Adsense

  • First and foremost, you must find/select a niche you enjoy – then begin building videos (DONT MONETIZE THEM straight off the bat). I will explain what methods we use to create videos in an upcoming post!
  • Build a website that works along with your YouTube channel. You will drive your YouTube traffic to this website with calls to actions in your videos and also by telling your viewers to click the link below in the YouTube description box. When you send traffic from YouTube to your website, you then get a chance to get more adsense dollars and hopefully some affiliate offer conversions, leads, etc.
  • Seed your account slowly with DRIP-FEED views (go to fiverr)
  • Begin building an audience and community by asking for comments, thumbs up and subscribers. Getting a subscriber is just like getting a person on your email list. When you have ‘subs’, your latest videos show up on their YouTube homepage giving you more chances to remarket your own services, products, affiliate offers, cpa offers, cps offers, leads – whatever you want!
  • After you have created a couple of videos that are growing in the number of views, go back and monetize them and then begin monetizing all of your future videos with true views.
  • BONUS TIP – want a shot at making more adsense dollars. Don’t edit your video into a comprehensive piece. BREAK IT UP INTO PARTS!! At the end of one video, use a YouTube annotation and link out to PART 2 of your video (this video is also monetized with true views) – when they click that annotation link they will be driven to that video with more true view ads. This increases your chances to double your ADSENSE MONIES.
  • Do GIVEAWAYS if possible within your chosen niche to get people talking. This is a great way to boost your viewership and a great way to get social signals pointing to your channel/site. Use Punchtab to administer your giveaways!
  • Guest post across other relative blogs – link to your YOUTUBE CHANNEL
  • Make videos, Make videos and make some more
  • Create multiple channels that feed each other.
  • and more…..

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So, to get started – GO PICK A NICHE that you know alot about and research other programs that are out there to help you monetize on your website. We will be back with another post that explains the building process and how all of these components go together.

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