How To Make Money on Pinterest with Adsense

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have certainly seen, heard, and even talked about Pinterest. It is highly likely, too, that you understand how it is a major player on the social landscape.

This new kid on the block is growing faster than any website in the history of the internet, and as such, is likely responsible for melting a couple servers due to its monstrous traffic driving abilities. Bloggers and site owners from far and wide, covering a variety of subjects from fashion, decorating, crafts, and one of the largest – cooking/food have seen tsunami type influxes of traffic.

Pinterest’s pin board and social image sharing format is the magical traffic dragon that has quickly become the leviathan of social geek speak circles, website traffic roundtables, dinner discussions and bar napkin strategy sessions. Hell, it’s a household name. Let’s just admit that right here. For goodness sakes, my 77 year old grandma even knows about Pinterest, and quite frankly talks about it more than Facebook.

Before we go into marketing on Pinterest, let’s review the demographic. By and overwhelming majority, WOMEN make up the main population of users who consistently pin and browse on Pinterest. Do we need to say more? Time to put your marketing hats on boys and girls. Last month we talked about pinning for profits with CPA offers, and while it can be done, I am recognizing a growing trend of money making sites that are playing within the pin arena and that my friends includes Adsense sites.

Before you let out a dramatic, “Psssssssshhhhh”, let me just say that if you get enough steam on your adsense sites on Pinterest, I am faily confident you can make some nice coinage.

Still reading? Guess you want some of that adsense money. Let’s go get it.

Ok, so how do we do it? Here is what I suggest and what I am currently building out based upon what I have repeatedly seen in Pinterest.

1. Use Ultra Attractive Imagery

YOU MUST find and pin ATTRACTIVE photos! DURP-DURP! It goes without saying, but it is the #1 golden rule that must be OBEYED when trying to gain traction on Pinterest. If you half ass this, then screw it. You are wasting your time. Make sure you find the best of the best when you are pinning.

FOR EXAMPLE: Building an adsense site around weight loss?

  • Pick images of beautiful, healthy, slim people who are at the beach or an exotic location.
  • Make sure your CALL TO ACTION COMMENT is sexy enough to get a pinner to take a “double-take” and click through.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Building an adsense site around Gluten Free Recipes (FOOD IS ONE OF THE TOP LEVEL PINNING TOPICS)

  • Pick images of gorgeous, delectable food that makes your mouth water. I’m talking HIGH RES, pro images.

2. Make Sure That Your Site or WordPress Theme BLENDS IN

Best practice in pinning for profits using your own circle of adsense sites is to make sure that your theme blends in. USE PINTEREST-INSPIRED COLORS that will help you blend in. You want the user to feel like they are still inside Pinteret. It grants a sense of trust and value.

I have found a really good example of an adsense blog that is using the BLEND technique to appear as if it is a part of Pinterest by using the same soft, subdued color palette. When you look at it and then look at Pinterest, it feels trusted because much in the same way we use the canvas technique on facebook to appear like we are a part of Facebook, the Pinterest blending method accomplishes the same thing. It feels like you haven’t left Pinterest.

You can see in the example below that the author found a very attractive photo that will garner clicks and likes based upon the fact that the picture is selling “tranquility” and “beauty”. When you read the caption on Pinterest it is talking about hair removal. And, when you click through to go to the site, you get a page that is built around adsense and “hair removal” links.

Remember, too, that you are not limited to adsense only. You can also monetize with fitting CPA offers. This will increase your chances of getting some really nice conversions.

3. Don’t Waste People’s Time with Craptastic Content

Remember, Pinterest users are pinning items that they find useful, want to buy, want to cook, want to look at over and over again, etc. Knowing this, don’t be a lazy ass and just sling a paragraph together. Make sure you offer something of value. Better yet, work on ways to get visitors to INSTANTLY ENGAGE with your page. Alot of times, the bounce rate on Pinterest can be high because alot of users are in a “pinning mode” where they are liking and pinning items to look at them later. Try to draw the visitors in with a large call to action, survey, alarming statistic, bold headline, something – anything that will grab their attention.

4. Encourage Pinning and Following on Your Adsense Site

You will want to make sure that you are carrying over the Pinterest WordPress / site plugins to help solidify the relationship between Pinterest and the blog/website. If someone lands on your site from Pinterest, you will want to try and make sure that they at least follow you on Pinterest, or share the content.

5. Follow, Like and Re-Pin Other Pinners

Everyone wants to be popular, so make sure you are doing your part in the Pin World by making others feel special. By reaching out to other Pinterest users and engaging with their stuff, they may do the same for you based on the rule of reciprocity. Just make sure that you are creating really, really good content!

In closing, I feel that if you follow these simple rules and most importantly – pin awesome photos and blend in your sites, that you should be making a nice paycheck from our friends over at Adsense. Get lazy and complacent and you won’t make jack squat. It’s all based on what you put into it. While there are some additional methods that will help push this money making method into hyper-drive, I will let you discover those on your own :) Just keep this in the front of your mind while attempting this method – “replication” and “outsourcing”


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    • says

      I reviewed that infographic, as well. However, let's think about that lifespan and the years that those sites started. I think it's difficult to place that year expiration date on today's sites. What we have today for social media is quite different from myspace and friendster. The web has continued to progress forward with new coding tools, new browser features, and the all important SMART PHONE. I have to call bullsh!t on the 11 year lifespan. Our social launchpad looks quite different from the launchpad of the early 2000's.

  1. andrewyoo says

    I can see Pinterest being a great platform for marketing products. Pins are essentially just like an ad as they comprise of an image, link, and caption. The Pinterest team managed to "trick" people into view ads basically. Genius!
    My recent post The Best Pinterest Robot to Date

  2. says

    Loved the modeling approach to come-up with the estimated revenue. However, I disagree that Pinterest is totally overvalued. I believe when VCs enters a new round of financing they will be revealed with future plans of monetization ( other than affiliate links), some in depth numbers and some information that we don’t know about. For example, imagine that you can shop directly from Pinterest with one button right from each photo. Pinterest is already building good relationships with retailers and this idea doesn’t seem that crazy anymore.

  3. says

    I'm building up my new site right now and agree with a lot of what has been said here. Social shares and a great looking theme which blends in with the way the site has been made are important

  4. tonystubbings160 says

    This is a good article, thanks!

    Does anyone have any suggestions of good (free?!?) themes to set up a pinterest related WordPress site?!

  5. says

    Thanks for the advise. I can definitely see the potential of Pinterest. My biggest hurdle is finding stand out pictures to post that compliment the content of my site.

  6. says

    This post is little bit old’ but still for newbie like me it’s great. But now I need to dig some copy right free pictures. Thx agame for the post.


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