How To Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency with Last Pass

Here at the IMGrind offices and (Revived Media & iMobi), we are often asking each other, “hey what is the password for xyz-site?” To which one of us will reply with the answer. It usually includes a quick query of our email to pick it up. Now, if this sounds like you, then you too are losing a considerable amount of time each month with these frustrating looks ups. Go ahead, think about how many times in just this month alone that you have stopped your work flow to open your email to query your search for a password. It’s frustrating as hell, isn’t it?!

If you add up all of those stops and queries that often lead to other distractions, I am positive that you would be stunned by the amount of time you have wasted. So, knowing that there was a problem – PT (as I’m referred to in the office) set out to find a solution. I found LAST PASS. Now, this is similar to robo form and other like it, but what I like about Last Pass is that it’s incredibly easy to use, manage and set up.


  • Direct your browser to
  • Pick your device
  • Pick your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc)
  • Install
  • Create a Last Pass account
  • login via your browser extension
  • Begin loading up all your credentials associated with their URLS

As you can probably tell, our team loves efficiency and we perfect our craft each and every day. This is why we continue to win – time and time again! We love what we do and we love discovering new ways to do our jobs even better.

Oh, yeah – The BEST PART about Last Pass… It’s FREE. Also, no matter where you are (either at your computer or using someone else’s) you can login to Last Pass and get your passwords.

Addressing Your Security Concerns (from Last Pass)

We’ve taken every step we can think of to ensure your security and privacy. Using an evolved host-proof hosted solution, LastPass employs localized, government-level encryption (256-bit AES implemented in C++ and JavaScript) and local one-way salted hashes to give you complete security with the go-anywhere convenience of syncing through the cloud. All encrypting and decrypting happens on your computer – no one at LastPass can ever access your sensitive data. LastPass’Security Challenge also allows you to identify weak account data and provides suggestions for significantly improving your online security.

Now, do yourself a favor and devote half a day to installing this time saver and load it up with all your information


    • Imgrind says

      Hey Paul, I used Roboform for about 3 years and just made the change to LastPass yesterday and simply love it. It's a lot like Roboform. I created and Identity right quick for Autofill and each time I visited a site to login, I simply "Saved the site + password combination and voila – EASY PEEZY!"

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