How To Increase Social Signals To Your Website and Increase Your Rankings – Part 2

In our last discussion about increasing the number of social signals that point to your website and your content, we shared three great ways that you can get your social engines running. Press releases, Sharing your own research, and creating awesome video content were our first three methods. Today we share three more, so let the rejoicing begin.

These next methods are equally as powerful and will most likely garner an equal amount of social signals. What we need to remember is that anyone can follow these methods and slap up half-assed content, but IMG readers know that quality counts. We hold ourselves to a high level of quality on IMG and you should do the same when implementing these strategies. If you take short cuts, the social signals will not ring in your favor. It’s when you bust your ass, get feedback from your peers and associates, and work hard on your content that social signals will raise like flags all over the interwebs.

Roll up your sleeves my agents of awesomeness. We got some work to do.

Handout Free White Papers or Blueprints:
Before we get to the magic of White Papers or Blueprints, let me ask you a question – Have you ever heard the term – “sell the sizzle”? This is a term that has been used in sales, probably since I was walking around in pampers. Here comes the example – the point behind this ninja mantra is that you aren’t just selling a vehicle, you are selling the lifestyle and experience: the wind blowing in your hair, the hot blonde riding shotgun while your foot mashes the gas pedal and pushes the speedometer over the 100 mark, the cop in your rearview mirror (ok, who is scanning and who is reading this article – inject humor), the sun bouncing off the new cherry red paint. In this example, the salesman is selling the sizzle, not the new vehicle with the $50,000 price tag. When you are giving away information you can sell the sizzle, and raise the level of desire or interest by dressing it up with a fancy name – “White Paper” “Exclusive Blueprint”. Selling the reward that comes with the knowledge contained within your papers is a great way to increase social signals.

Let’s run through another example of how this might work. Let’s say you own a website about vintage electric guitars. You could write a white paper on how to spot fake Les Paul guitars and not get ripped off. Daily, there is a good number of folks looking for these masterpiece instruments and having a white paper that addresses how to get an authentic Les Paul would be beneficial for your readers. It may be that some people already know what to look for, but I can also guarantee there is a herd of people that don’t. Now, the electric guitar example may not be relevant to you or your niche(s) but the principle is the same. Offer your readers value and something special (enter the sizzle effect) – a white paper (sounds fancy, right), and they will raise social signals in your favor. Let’s move on grinders!

Host A Live Webinar
Webinars are HUGE! People love to learn about their subject of interest. Tools like WebEx and GoToMeeting have opened an entire new revenue model for many different businesses in all kinds of niches. Webinars have awesome value and as long as you are sharing great content, and ARE NOT asking for a sale throughout your presentation, you can snag a great amount of social signals. Just bring your A game and offer your best content and strategies and the participants will do their part for you. Make sure that you are doing a synopsis write up on your blog that will cover the subject matter covered in your webinar, how your readers can sign up, and snag that ever important email address (so you can send them a reminder). Having this webinar event indexed on your site will be a good thing!

An added bonus of these methods is that you can also build a segmented list of subscribers that have commercial intent!

Before you hand out these gems of information or allow someone to sign up for your webinar – get them to subscribe to your list and have them complete a list of social signals. It’s up to you in how you want to send out your info. Jus sayin….


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