How To Get ANYONE To Convert Into A Lead Or Sale

PersuasionI’m often asked “Ruck, how do you come up with some of those whacky, out-of-the-box lead generation and sales tactics you have published in the private forums”?

I’d be lying to you if I said, “I invented them”.

Heck no, life’s way too short (Internet attention spans even shorter!) to “re-invent the wheel.”

If I had to sum it all up and exclude “trends & technology advances” making¬† it easier (literally each week) then I would have to narrow down to the 1 primal fear.

I promise if you can conquer this, you can literally convert ANYONE into a lead or a sale.

Now honestly I’ve only really shared this thing with a select amount of individuals. Usually over a few beers.

So you might be wondering why I would share such a treasured piece of information. Why would I come out publicly with the “answer” to convert anyone into a lead or sale?

Well, because out of the select individuals in the world whom I’ve had this conversation (different versions, same principle) all of them have gone on to create stable, successful and most of all – have turned multiple businesses into passive income online.

It doesn’t take long to adopt this into what you are currently doing or are getting ready to do. This has been around since the first sale was ever made, and it will never go away.

I’ll be brief and get to the point. If you want to convert leads and sales or (of course my favorite way) – leads into sales then do this 1 thing:

Conquer your prospects “fear of loss” and you increase your sales. It’s that simple.

Problem-solving used to pay the bills but there are literally hundreds of ways to make money online now. So you have to Adapt. Develop. Progress.

Problem-solving isn’t enough these days. Oh no. Those are long-gone friends.

What we have in this day and age is that potentials leads & sales care about one thing & 1 thing only¬† and it isn’t “what your product is.” It’s “what it can do for them.”

The next time you’re promoting that email submit or dating offer, just ask yourself – “What can this offer, service or product do for them?”

Chances are, if it isn’t much, then you probably aren’t going to do well.

There has been and always will be two reasons people don’t take the plunge and “become your lead or sale.”

It’s always going to be the epic battle between the desire to gain and the fear of loss. Go to war by starting to understand each one.

The Desire To Gain

People have this overwhelming want (almost “need-like” tendency to be better off, become better off or for an improvement of some kind.

The Fear Of Loss

People’s fear of loss outweighs their desire to gain. Nobody likes a “buying mistake” and let’s not the forget, our economy sucks. People are more cautious about buying more than ever. Especially on the Internet where the last two years of Internet scam coverage has made it tough for a lot of marketers.

People also hate getting stuck with a damn product that sucks. If it’s something they don’t want, need, can use or can’t afford it, they freaking hate it.

It’s not your fault. People are people. We all make buying mistakes. That’s what makes us more each cautious we join or go to buy something.

So you can solve these issues by helping & guiding your potential prospects to fully understanding how much better their life could be compared to what it is now. (Without your service/product)

People will be much more motivated to buy from your or join something you are offering if they feel they are going to lose something by not buying it (or opting-in), than they are in anticipation of the benefits they will enjoy if they do buy.

Most marketers get that part ^^^ above wrong. Success if futile with that thinking. Failure is absolute.

Take it one step past all that, simply just show them both!

Be bold, daring and unoriginal. The biggest risks in life are the ones you don’t take. Duh!

Show people how much better off they will be if they buy and at the same time, how much worse off they will be if they don’t buy.

Do that and you will an abundance of leads in sales in everything you do. If you aren’t getting the leads and sales you want, revert back to this and revise. Practice makes perfect.



  1. Tyler Cook says

    This is sage advice right here, it may only take a few moments to read, but this takes many their entire careers to master. Thanks for the post!

    • Imgrind says

      You bet Tyler! You’re absolutely right. I learn more and more each day. When it comes to lead generation and sales. I’ve committed to a life full of learning. Understanding this principle is simple, pushing it to the world…not so easy for most.


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