How To Find An Awesome Graphic Designer – Part 1

It safe to say that most of the readers here at IMGrind are connected by a common thread of advertising online. One thing that most of us are concerned with is creating graphics that capture the essence of what we are selling. We may be trying to create a logo for a brand new start up business, or creating a label for a product. While some of us may be trying to create banner ads for traffic purposes. Whatever the cause, we all will face the dreaded task of finding a designer that will get the job done right, on time, and at a reasonable price as defined by your budget.

Fortunately, at IMGrind, I am able to handle the creation of our banners and design needs when Ruck is pounding out a PDF guide or updating our suite of websites or when Ryan is working to push the DVDs out to our seminar attendees. In fact, some of our Grinders here may also be handy with the photoshops where they can build great looking graphics and save coin. However, for those of you who don’t have an in-house designer, here are some tips to help you out the next time you are needing graphics to push your project into overdrive.

Ask The Right Questions to Find Your Designer

If you are looking for designers on Freelance, Odesk, or any other outsourcing board, you need to be sure that you are asking the “designer” the right questions. These include:

How long have you been designing?
Alot of times people like to think that they are designers or rather “want” to be designers and have not made a full time career out of it. You have to be able to sniff wannabe’s out. They will waste your time.

Do you have a portfolio of works?
DURP – I mean really, if the designer has no portfolio, or if it just sucks… MOVE ON to the next candidate. This one pretty much goes without saying, but just in case. Make sure you see their works.

Do you have experience in print design in addition to web graphic design?
If you are creating labels for a nutrition product which requires 4 – color CMYK, high resolution artwork, you will want to make sure that your designer has experience in print, and better yet, product/packaging design. Print is quite different from web graphics via all the setups and requirements that come with producing a design that will hit the printing press. Of course, it is good to know that they have web graphic design experience as well, as you may need banners and other web assets that have a cohesive look with your print design.

What are your policies for re-working the creative?
Before you EVER EVER EVER hire a designer, make sure that you understand their policies on re-working the design. Let’s say that your hired designer comes up with a design that you aren’t completely satisfied with, how many times are they willing to change the fonts, colors or any other aspect of the design.

What is your current turn around time?
If you are dealing with a freelancer, many times you will find that they will get the job done when they get it done. It’s a sad reality. This is not to say that there aren’t many good designers, it’s just the way things go sometimes. Make sure that you have a good feeling about their turn around time. You may also want to put a contingency upon the pay for the design based upon turn around.

If they work by the hour, ask if they are willing to work on a project basis?
Alot of times on outsourcing job boards, they work per hour. With designing, this can certainly get away from you fast, as creating art is so subjective and everyone who creates artwork works at a different pace. You might want to ask the designer if they are willing to work for a flat fee based upon the project.

In part 2 of this series we will discuss the pros and cons of crowd sourcing your design through companies like 99 Designs. Pretty cool option for those looking for great designs.

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