How To Develop A Conversion Funnel That Converts

Over the last ten months I’ve seen almost everything when it comes to conversion funnels that don’t stand a chance and to ones that are going to make hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars.  When planning out your conversion funnel it’s very important that you develop around a niche/vertical that has a fighting chance of making money.

Ruck and I have said many times we focus on health, wealth, and relationships.  No matter what the economy does or how times change, these are three areas that have enough opportunities to keep us busy for the rest of our careers.  No need to re-invent the wheel.

Before you start creating landing pages for your conversion funnel it’s important to first look at the competition.  Some questions to ponder:

– What are they doing?

– How can you be different?

– What are the barriers to entry?

– Do you stand a fighting chance?

Competition can tell us a lot about any niche/vertical.  For starters, depending on how long they’ve been up, you’ll know if it’s working or not (if they’ve been up a long time it is, if they haven’t, it’s not).  Look around and see how things are being promoted.  Point out their flaws and make your campaign better.

If there is no competition it’s normally because one or two things.  One, the vertical is not profitable OR two the vertical is untouched.  If you’re entering a vertical with little to no competition then you must ensure your campaign has a fighting chance meaning it must be aggressive and fueled with offers or a monetization method that will work.  If you’re lucky enough to find an “untouched vertical” start with a small test and see how it works.  Over the years I’ve found many areas where I’ve been able to enter verticals where the ROI is very high (spend $5 make $50).  Obviously you want to scale up and do everything possible to stay under your competitions radar.

A conversion funnel should be seen to your visitors as an easy step-by-step process. You should never assume anything and should make it as simple as possible.  Walk them through and give detailed instructions.  Just because you know how to click a blue link doesn’t mean everyone else does.  Some of my most effect conversion funnels have been the simplest.  Don’t spend all your time and money on design, spend it testing traffic and seeing where your ROI lies!

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