How To Create The Perfect PPC Ad

PPC – It’s a term that is thrown out and discussed an innumerable amount of times each and every day by marketers. Most notably the topics of discussion surrounding this important facet of online marketing usually include the following:

  • how to get better CTR rates
  • how to increase quality score, edge rank, etc
  • how to combat constant changes in terms of service or media buying rules
  • how to get past the review process
  • how to battle ad fatigue

you get the picture…

As an online marketer that works inside of PPC accounts each and every day, I can certainly attest to these issues. Today, we wanted to focus on PPC and a thanks goes out to onboardly, as they have produced a very valuable infographic that we should all keep bookmarked as a reference sheet. Below we have added some of our own best practices by category of advertisement.

How To Create The Perfect Display Ad

1. Write an Appropriate Headline – Make It Stand Out Using Tasteful Text Effects in Photoshop
2. Select The Best Image Possible – Make It Compelling and Interesting
3. Use Persuasive Copy – Bold Your Keywords and Entice The Ad Viewer to Click
4. Call To Action – Create a Button with Your Call To Action Statement

How To Create The Perfect Facebook Ad

1. Eye Catching Image – You Gotta Stand Out and Be Different
2. Compelling Headline – When Appropriate, Try To Form Headline As A Question
3. Hook The Ad Viewer with Convincing Copy – Tie Everything Together. Sell Them.

How To Write A Perfect Adwords PPC Ad

1. Make Your Headline Standout (Try to Include Your Keywords)
2. Answer The Viewers Questions in Your Copy – “If You Are Tired of Back Pain, View Our Relief Products”
3. Display URL (Make It Stand Out) –
4. Send Your Clickers To A Relevant Landing Page (Destination URL)

How To Write A Perfect PPV Ad

1. Stop The Viewer In Their Tracks With A Shocking Headline – Thousands Of Uninsured Motorists In Your City
2. Devote Your Ad To An Image (Promoting Insurance – Use a Car Wreck)
3. Bullet Point Your Copy – Highlight The Benefits of Your Offer
4. Call To Action Button (Large and In Charge)

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