How To Compress Animated Gif Banners for Mobile Advertising

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m hard at work drinking coffee, preparing for next week, and chatting with Revived Media pubs on Skype who know that the mobile market is WHERE IT’S AT. This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with one of our IMGrind forum members and Revived Media publishers – 770wa.

We were trying to find a solution to compress some of his mobile banner creatives – 300×50 pixels (animated gifs) – since he was limited to 10kb on his uploads.

Our first attempt was to upload the animated gif to tiny pic and then determine if they compressed the image – then download it back to the local computer. This option did not work in this instance. So, we continued searching. So, we hit the Googles up and came across GifReducer

This program is awesome! Not only does it compress it once, it compresses your original gif image several times with a reduction in colors. All you need to do is open the browser based program, upload your gif image or post the link to the file and then compress. Using the default compression option of no dithering yielded the best results in our testing.

So, if you find that one of your mobile traffic sources requires a certain image size for your gif banners – this online tool might be the one that you need!

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