How People Shop Online And Why It Matters

Ecommerce is growing and with the Holidays fast approaching, it’s a great time for merchants and affiliates look at some statistics and how people are shopping online. If you can understand what and why people are doing what they do, you can figure out the best way to help them and help yourself.

There is some pretty interesting data in the infographic below that Lab 42 put together. They interviewed 500 online shoppers and came up with some gold nuggets of information.

Some highlights:

2 out of 3 shop online because it’s cheaper, so sales, coupons, free shipping and other things that help people save would be a good idea.

4 out of 5 shop online for a broader selection. This makes sense, people like to find new things, but as a merchant or affiliate, please keep in mind that too many options can lead to paralysis and the shopper leaving. sometimes it’s better to have a reasonable assortment and not give them too many options.

Two thirds of those interviewed would rather shop online than in-store. So keep them happy, make it easy to buy and ship fast because that’s what they want and might just come back for.

Reviews, both positive and negative help in the buying decision, as does descriptions of the product. I will also add that excellent pictures make a huge difference as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews.

If you are selling something that someone might be embarrassed to buy in person, online and discrete is the way to go.

Free shipping and free returns can make or break online sales. An overwhelming number of people interviewed said they would shop a store if those were offered.

Customer service preferences – 41% like email, 27% live chat, 25% phone call, 7% said they never contact the store.

You can see from the responses what some of the top reasons why people shop online and what motivates them, so address those things and communicate it effectively both onsite and in advertising.



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