How Often Should I Email My List? Answered

With all of the talk about social media and mobile, people tend to forget that email marketing is still an excellent way to communicate with and get customers to take action. Many would argue that it’s the most effective way to get results. There are many moving parts that come with email marketing but one of the most common questions we get is “how often should emails be sent to a list?”

The answer is it depends, on a lot of things, and it can be different for different lists. Below is a short list of advice that can help you figure out what will work best for your situation. People often assume that mailing too frequently will cause readers to unsubscribe but it’s fair to say that not mailing enough can do the same thing.

Start emailing immediately. When people subscribe, they are doing it for a reason. Don’t wait to start emailing, if you do you risk increasing unsubscribes because people forget who you are, or irritating them because you took too long.

Be consistent. Set a schedule and publish consistently. It looks professional and once you determine what the best time and day is to send, you will always hit the mark. It also keeps you, the sender on course, knowing you have to send on the schedule.

Studies have shown that early mornings and weekends are the best time to send emails with 20%-40% more opens and 5% higher click-throughs. But remember, it’s about the list. This is a very general statement considering that maybe the list you are sending to is business related and does not open work emails on the weekend.

I recommend emailing at least once a week. More is fine to try, less often than once a week is not enough. If you don’t have enough to say to email at least once a week, you need to reconsider what you are doing. Assuming people opted in to this list, they subscribed for a reason. Provide real value and you will not have to worry about how often is too often, people will be waiting for your emails. Many marketers will mail a list daily, some even multiple times a day. It really comes down to providing value and what the needs of the list are.

Keep in mind that different types of subscriber lists will likely have different times that are optimum to receive emails. So what works for one list might not work for another. Testing is the key. Split test by sending the same message at different times to similar segments of the list then look at the results.

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